Surprise! Meth Lab Found in Simpsonville

Someone wrote in to ask me why I hadn’t blogged about the recent meth lab bust in Simpsonville. I will respond here by saying I also don’t blog about how the sky is blue or water is wet. But since you’re so interested:

Two men are were arrested after police officers and sheriff’s deputies raided a home with a meth lab inside.

Simpsonville Police officers and Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies served a warrant at a home at 1208 East Yellow Wood Drive in Simpsonville on Tuesday. When deputies went inside the residence to search, one of the men, identified as James William Thompson III, was not present.

According to a Simpsonville Police Department spokesman, other suspects at the residence stated that Thompson was at a home at 603 South Street in Simpsonville. Once investigators arrived at the home, the owner of the home, identified as Johnny Walter Parker, gave officers permission to look for Thompson inside, and Thompson was found and placed under arrest.

I won’t bother posting their pictures because, let’s be honest, people in the area already knew who they were. Happy now?


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