Surprise! MySpace Still Used Mainly by Perverts

The Horrible Acne Explains Why He Looks for Sex on MySpace

I have a confession to make. Until I found out former ECW novelty wrestler The Blue Meanie had a MySpace page (way back in 2006) I thought everyone on the site was some sort of child molester. Now even I have a MySpace page set up to direct people to several of my websites, though like everyone else I have abandoned that page in favor of a Facebook page.

That being said, if I had children I would never allow them to have a MySpace page because aside from teenage girls and people marketing some product MySpace is basically overrun with pedophiles.

As a case in point I was going reading the excellent blog The Dead Kids of MySpace when I came across the sadly familiar saga of Christopher Andrew Brewer. Police were tipped off to the online shenanigans of the 22-year-old which included using MySpace to lure three different underage girls into sexual relationships by some anonymous tipster. Police picked him up in a trailer park located in Decatur County, Tennessee which he no doubt had planned to keep his harem of poorly supervised child sex slaves.

I have been working on various projects online since late 2005. Even then people knew that MySpace was full of perverts. I don’t want to tell you parents out there how to run your families but maybe, just maybe, you need to warn your kids of the dangers of being on MySpace.

And you should probably check your kids pages to make sure they’re not posting pictures of themselves in their underwear online before they hit 20, drop out of college and end up on the first page of Google images when you look up the keywords Myspace and slut:

The MySpace Generation Grows Up and Moves to Adult Services

Or you can just let them learn that lesson from someone like Christopher Andrew Brewer. Just be prepared to take care of their babies while they work bachelor parties and wait for their boyfriends to get parole.

Keep your kids off MySpace.


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