Suspect Sought in Five Forks Convenience Store Robberies

Looks like Eric Conor of the Greenville Snooze is ahead of the pack on this story:

The same Woodruff Road convenience store has been robbed three times in the past three weeks, and authorities said they are looking for who is likely the same person involved in each.

The rough English translation of that sentence? Deputies believe the same suspect robbed a Woodruff Road convenience store three times in the last three weeks.

Perhaps we’ll learn more after copy editors have their way with Eric’s writeup of the crimes.

For now, we’ll take you over to News Channel 7, where Rob Landreth is serving up a healthy portion of readable English topped off with a generous helping of facts:

Master Deputy Melissia McKinney says that the Sheriff’s Office is investigating three armed robberies that happened at The Corner Mart, located at 2608 Woodruff Road. McKinney says the first robbery occurred on Sunday morning at 3:35, the second at midnight Thursday morning and the third, just three hours later at 3 am.

Deputies say the suspect entered the store Sunday morning brandishing a handgun and jumped over the counter and demanded money. In the next two robberies, the suspect waved a gun at the store clerks and demanded they take him around the counter and open the cash registers. After receiving money in each robbery, the suspect fled on foot towards Scuffletown Road.

Lest you accuse us of being unfair to The Greenville News, reporter Eric Conor does include one more vitally important detail of earth shattering significance near the top of his piece: the handgun was silver.

So if you see a black male between 5′ 7″ and 6′ tall weighing 150-170 pounds and he’s waving around a black handgun, no need to contact authorities.  But if he’s got a silver handgun, please get in touch with Greenville County Crime Stoppers.

All joking aside, goes on to describe the handgun as “black and silver,” and notes that the suspect has been seen in dark pants, dark tennis shoes, and a black ski mask.


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  1. Hooah on November 6th, 2009 5:13 pm

    Wait … you’re telling me the Greenville News has copy editors?

  2. Suspect Arrested in Mauldin Shooting : Greenville Dragnet on November 23rd, 2009 3:16 pm

    [...] WYFF is reporting that Butts robbed the same store in all three armed robbery incidents, the Corner Mart at 2608 Woodruff Rd. Those robberies happened on Oct. 18th, Oct. 30th, and Nov. 5th. He was identified by witnesses as the robber in those cases. Joe Friday filed a report on these robberies back on November 6th. [...]

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