Swamp Rabbit Trail Gets Mile Markers

Finally. The one bad thing about the Swamp Rabbit has always been the danger of having a isolated trail that runs through several areas that are, shall we say in need of urban renewal. Mile markers help authorities respond to calls for assistance easier and faster which helps keep everyone safe.

From Fox Carolina:

Users of the trail will now find posts installed every half-mile and a two-letter “SR” code accompanied by a mile number stenciled on the track every tenth of a mile, officials said. They said the system lets users easily identify their exact location along the trail.

“With this new system, trail users are never more than about 90 yards from a trail marker at anytime, meaning that 911 operators can more easily, quickly and precisely identify the location of a caller and improve response time and efficiency,” said Brain Graham, Greenville greenway and sustainability manager.

Officials said the project was started after police said that trail users lacked the ability to determine their exact location along the trail in the event of an emergency.

I think this is an awesome edition to the trail.


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