Sympathy for the Devil: How the Left Sanctions Criminality

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Leftism is a cancer eating away at foundations of our society. It is in fact the goal of the Left to destroy those foundations so that our society can be replaced with the Marxist “Utopia” they believe in, a Hell on Earth of mass murder and rape camps in which they have the power over others they crave. At its core leftism is about inflicting pain and suffering on others and nowhere is that more obvious than in how the Left views and treats criminality.

Still enamored with the Soviet Union’s medicalization of crime, the Left has long pushed theories which explain deviant antisocial behavior as mental illness that can be treated. This view of rape and murder takes responsibility for the crime away from the criminal and puts it in the hands of the rest of us, who are made responsible for “healing” this “sick” individual. But this view, injurious as it is, is mild compared to the more common view of criminality that flies around these days which states that crime is caused by “oppression.”

For the Left, pushing class warfare is the goal of any theory they espouse, from global warming to financial reform. In the field of criminology the Left finds the root cause of crime in “inequality” and the evils of capitalism. People steal, they say, because capitalism denies them equal access to wealth. Rape is caused by America’s supposed sexism and racism is at the heart of inner city crimes. All crime is created by some “ism” which is perpetuated by you and me, who are the “real” criminals.

And while we’re up to our knees in the filth they vomit from their Ivory Towers, our crippled criminal justice system struggles to deal with law and order while hampered by a society that thinks it can rehabilitate thugs and murderers.

The murder of 12-year-old Jonathan Foster was the last act in a family tragedy that we witness everyday. The boy bounced from foster home to foster home until he landed with his uncle at age six. There at least he was happy and well cared for, but at age 11 Jonathan’s maternal grandmother requested he come live with her. That way he could be closer to his mother.

Jonathan’s mother had a roommate who was involved in some way with a woman named Mona Yvette Nelson. The woman, who police sources describe as “soulless” and believe may be a serial killer, was seen on security video dumping Jonathan Foster’s badly burned body in a ditch a few miles from his Houston home. No one knows why Nelson allegedly kidnapped and murdered the boy but there is a rumor that it was over a drug debt. New Black Panther Party leader Quannel X, in an act of inhuman depravity, is claiming Nelson was “only” dumping the body at the behest of the boy’s father, despite the fact that her garage was full of evidence linking her to the murder.

The involvement of the NBPP foretells of racialization of this case, and the Left will no doubt claim that Nelson “had problems” that made her do this and that poverty was the root cause of this crime. But racism didn’t kidnap Jonathan Nelson, mental illness didn’t tie him up and set him on fire in garage and poverty didn’t dump his body in a ditch like it was so much trash. Mona Nelson did.

Criminals laugh at all our talk about rehabilitation, they mock our futile attempts to help them become part of the community, and every one of them knows how to work a prison shrink. Nothing we do can “fix” people with no morals and nothing we did caused them to decide to cast morality aside and prey on the rest of us.

A 31-year-old Michigan woman named Andrea Marie Mast was caught sending pornographic pictures of a 7-year-old girl to a former high school gym teacher named Timothy Sims. The girl was taken by CPS which implies she was either Mast’s daughter or a female relative. How exactly will you “fix” Andrea Mast? Did poverty cause her to go out and buy expensive computer equipment to make child porn or was it our sexism that made her send the photos to a man?

It can’t be racism because both are white.

Ronald Saunders II was arrested for the murder of 2-year-old Conner Bachuss. The child may have been suffocated but an autopsy showed that the boy was repeatedly tortured with pushpins and one was found in his stomach. What “ism” caused Saunders to torture and murder a baby, and who seriously thinks he can be rehabilitated?

In Ohio a man in his late 40s named Christopher Beller allowed his son to throw a party where the kids, mostly 14-year-olds, were allowed to drink. He then waited for them to get drunk at which point he took a semi-conscious 14-year-old into a bedroom and began raping her. His son fought him off the girl while his friends rescued her. If criminality is a “mental illness” it doesn’t seem to run in the Beller family, and if morality is just a social construct who taught Beller’s son to stand up for what’s right?

A few years ago I remember hearing about a story where a bail jumper was fleeing from a bondsman with three women and two children in tow. When the bondsman tried to taser the criminal one of his female affiliates blocked the taser shot … with her toddler. I suppose our “imperialism” caused her to value some thug over her own child.

Here’s the dirty little secret that the Left, and increasingly the Right, don’t want to tell you about criminality: People commit crimes because they want to, and people continue to commit crimes because we let them.

There is no theory taught on university campuses that fully explains the above wickedness. There is no psychological reason these people committed these crimes. Indeed, even now, the experts agree that the vast majority of people diagnosed as “psychopaths” don’t commit crimes at all. And the majority of criminals are not mentally ill.

What drives criminals is a sense of entitlement. They feel entitled to your money, your possessions, your body and your children. Rapists and child molesters aren’t sick or “oriented differently”; they think they are entitled to sexual gratification and seek out victims they can control to fulfill their needs. Murderers aren’t tormented by their crimes or good people caught up in bad circumstances. They’re people who decide to unshackle themselves from the bonds of decency that allow civilization to function. Criminals are savages who know that the world is a jungle where the weak can be culled, and no amount of sympathy for these devils will change their putrid core.

But it will encourage them. Every offer of therapy, every plea deal, every year cut from a sentence for good behavior eggs on the savages. Every excuse we give them is the invitation for another crime. Criminals only understand one thing: strength. They prey on the weak for fear of the strong.

They have an ally in the Left, who wants us to be weak so we’ll accept their version of paradise. The Left must make us weak so that we’ll need them to protect us from the animals they let roam our streets. But anyone who’s ever lived in a city knows they can’t even protect themselves.

That’s the real sickness. Denial causes the Left to coddle criminals and blind themselves with a false hope in an ideology that can barely hold back the hoards in the cities where it’s been implemented, and arrogance makes them want to inflict this on the rest of us. Denial and arrogance are killing hundreds of people a day, and the Left wants to make it thousands.

Is there a pill to fix that?


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