Word on the Street: Hells Angels in Setting Up Shop in Greenville Area?

Hell's Angels in Greenville

I got a couple of emails from readers who saw Hells Angels gang members flying their colors in various locations around Greenville County. Coincidentally, the Mrs. and I were in Simpsonville a couple of days ago and saw two Hells Angels riding through the downtown like they owned the place. Needless to say we rushed home and I loaded my shotguns.

I did a little digging and the word on the street is this: the recent round up of members of The Outlaws MC by Federal authorities, which included members in both Carolinas, Tennesee and Virginia, has left a vacuum in the south that the Hells Angels believe they can fill while the Outlaws are under the gun. The Angels are especially interested in the new drug market of Greenville, driven by Northeastern transplants who are leery of some of the rougher areas of the Dirty South and do a lot of their buying on the bar circuit and in the clubs. The recent biker fest in Simpsonville was indeed a chance for many 1%er clubs to scout the local area and see what’s what.

The Angels, like the Outlaws, also make money in “prostitution” which in their cases is actually sexual slavery. Women (many times strippers or runaways because they are easy to victimize) are kidnapped, raped and forced to service the club as well as being pimped out for money to outsiders. As I understand it, the “gentleman’s” clubs in the area are not run by people willing or able to stand up to an organization like the Angels, so now is a good time to get out of the business if you’re a dancer.

The Angels run drugs and guns as well, and many groups up north and especially across the southern border would like to get their hands on some good old fashioned South Carolina firepower. The Hells Angels are known to be allied with the Mexican Mafia so it’s likely they will be working as middlemen for Mexican gangs.

Now, this is a big territory and it’s just as likely the Hells Angels will set up shop in one of our neighboring states, putting in the occasional appearance to maintain control of the area. But Greenville, flush with money, drug users and unclaimed territory, is a prize that groups like the Angels can’t afford to pass up.

“Coyote” Safe House Found in Greenville?

S.W.A.T. teams were called out to a house in Greenville County after a hostage situation was called into police. After a stand off ALL seven people found in the house were detained and police will not release their names or anything but the most basic information.

SLED officers told WSPA that the bust was related to the “growing drug trade’ in the area:

A hostage situation unfolded as SLED agents rushed to the scene.

In the end–more than half a dozen people were taken into custody–in what agents say is part of a growing drug trade in the Upstate.

This all unfolded on Sulfar Springs drive in Berea this afternoon.

News Channel 7 was the only news crew at the scene.

Agents handcuffed 7 people, taking them into custody.

The director of SLED tells us they got word this morning that three people were being held hostage inside the home.

SLED isn’t able to say how they were alerted to the hostage situation.

When swat team members and agents got there–a standoff ensued until the suspects inside surrendered.

Agents are still trying to determine who is who amongst those in the house. And they can’t yet give identities or where the suspects are from.

Significantly, while weapons were found at the house no drugs have been reported. Human smugglers are often also involved in drug smuggling so these thugs may have gotten on to LE radar during drug investigations. It is a common practice for “coyotes” to hold people who contracted with them to hostage for extra cash. It is especially likely when the illegals are young women, who the smuggling gangs force into prostitution.

WSPA has raw video of the arrests.The house was on Sulfar Spring Drive in Berea.

Word on the street is that a bad apple looking for drugs or hookers turned Good Samaritan when he or she saw what was going on.

Also a rumor Dr. Know sent me is that MS-13 has been smuggling illegals into South Carolina for years and have moved into Greenville County. I found a 2006 story from WIS10 which details Richland county’s problems with the gang and they are very active in North Carolina.

But again these are  just rumors for now. We’ll keep digging.

A “Brutal Race Killing” Between Friends?

A number of news sites and blogs have been reporting that the depraved murder of 30-year-old Anthony Hill by 19-year-old Gregory Collins is a hate crime driven by Collins’ hatred of Black people. The problem with this theory? The victim’s family says that they know Collins, he was friends with the victim and definitely not a racist:

Of course that little factoid just gets in the way of a good old fashioned “smear the South with charges of redneck racism” story. Even now sites like Hip Hop Wire are running photos of Klan lynchings even though they are aware that Collins was friends with the victim. Global Grind is claiming that this is a racist killing and they too are aware that that is not the case.

Police are looking at an argument over a girl as a possible motive. For my money, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but when a 30-year-old man is “friends” with a 19-year-old who kills him in a love triangle, I tend to doubt a woman was involved at all. But none of that matters. The dragging of Hill may have been an ill-conceived notion to get rid of evidence or a psycho’s attempt to desecrate a corpse. Either way it’s horrendous enough without injecting the class/race warfare narrative into the discussion that tends to be the fall back position of the lazy and those with an agenda.

People want this to be a hate crime because, secretly, they want the South to be full of people they hate so that their elitist bigotry is justified. South Carolina deserves better, and so does Anthony Hill. He deserves better than to be used to promote a hateful agenda. He deserves justice so let’s concentrate on that.

Good News! 5,000-10,000 Bikers May Show Up to Simpsonville Bike Rally in June

Biker Rally

Organizer Beth Brown (also known as Throttle Fox) decided to hold the first annual Southern Throttle Motorcycle Rally in Heritage Park because of Myrtle Beach’s new ordinances targeting bikers. From the Tribune-Times:

When Beth Brown rides her Harley Davidson motorcycle through Simpsonville or Greenville or the nearby mountains, she envisions the Upstate as a destination for motorcycle riders from across the Southeast.

Now she wants to bring those riders here.

She expects more than 3,000 bikers to cruise into Simpsonville June 4-5 for a new two-day rally at Heritage Park. Others have told her to expect 5,000-10,000 bikers, she said.

The Southern Throttle Motorcycle Rally is being organized by Greenville event-management company Epic Events. Brown, the event’s organizer, hopes the rally will become an annual draw.

Which may be good news for the city of  Simpsonville and Greenville County, specially since the the Simpsonville City Council recently expanded the alcohol ordinance to allow sales at public events. Like biker rallies.

The bad news? Over the years several 1%er clubs have been active in South Carolina including The Hell’s Angels, The Pagans, and The Warlocks but as far as I know there is no one gang whose territory is Greenville. So out of the few thousand that show up to this rally we can expect some gangs who are rivals. Despite assurances to the contrary, the outlaw biker culture is still very active, very dangerous and very attracted to rallies like this.

Strippers and other “adult workers” should be especially careful during this rally as many gangs make money through the extortion and abuse of these women. The Breed were caught doing this in 2000 and that case is typical of how 1%er gangs operate.

About All Those New York Yankee Fans in Greenville County…

New York Yankee Sign

A good question came in via email about gangs using the New York Yankee symbol as an identifier. The answer is yes, I know of several gangs that use New York Yankees symbols and it is indeed unlikely that there has been an explosion of young Yankees fans cruising the area who just so happen to deal a little on the side.

Both the Latin Kings (East Coast) and MS-13 (specifically the Maryland based sets) are known to use Yankee memorabilia, as well as several Crip and Blood sets. The Gangsta Disciples are also known to use Yankees symbols, and Gangsta Disciples sets are active in and around Greenville County. Some may remember the suspected killer of Al-Waajid Samad Haneef, Chavis Cox, had an online presence that indicated he was a Gangsta Disciple.

Illegal immigrants are a favorite target of MS-13 so some of Greenville’s new found diversity may have attracted the group, and the east coast Latin Kings have been slowly spreading from New York for years and may have finally made it to Greenville. Last summer Latin Kings were spotted in several places in Greenville County, identified most easily by their five pointed crown tattoos. I myself saw a King in the Wal-Mart on Woodruff road.

The real issue here is drugs. Greenville’s booming population of urban transplants and their children have brought with them a culture of recreational drug use that is too lucrative for larger gangs to ignore. Also not helping is our liberal baby boomer population, railing at “the man” on their laptops from Coffee Underground while reliving their youth by toking up. They are basically walking ATMs for gangs who can deal to them, mug them and once they’re more established hit boomers homes with a good old fashioned home invasion. The changing demographics in Greenville mean we have more people who are used to living in places like NYC with large almost paramilitary police forces relying on understaffed semi-rural police departments to keep them safe.

In other words, Greenville County and the surrounding area is ripe for the picking. This gang incident map for North Carolina is sobering, showing many gang strongholds are literally less than an hour away by car.

The best thing for citizens to do is simply avoid people who seem to be sporting some symbol in a way that makes you leery. Even MS-13 and Latin Kings members need to buy groceries so unless your neighborhood is being overrun just stay away from them, don’t hang around places you see suspected gangbangers alone or at night and support your local police department. You pacifists may want to look into a buying guns.

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