Mauldin Police Catch Shane Mason Dize Trading Child Porn on the Internet

Nice! The Mauldin Police Department may seem podunk to some of the damn yankees moving down here from New York and New Jersey but they are tear-assing through the pedophiles in the upstate with their sneaky little stings and I love it!

From WMBF:

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) – A 42-year-old Taylors man has been taken into custody on child pornography charges by the Mauldin Police Department, officials announced Friday.

Shane Mason Dize, 42, of Taylors, was arrested after agents alleged he was sharing digital photographs and videos over the internet depicting children engaging in sexual acts.

Dize was charged with one count of sexual degree sexual exploitation of a minor shortly after his arrest on Oct. 15.

Before you pervert defenders even start no one “gets framed” by malware with child porn despite what this site claims. You might get snagged in a child porn investigation by hanging around a peer-to-peer network stealing movies and such, but since you’re agreeing to be part of that network and know that child porn and snuff films are also on there it maladjustment and not malware that’s your problem.

But Dize was caught sending people child porn so give it a rest.

Rajesh Goginen is a Filthy Pervert

Rejesh is a Pervert

Rajesh Goginen did what lots of perverts do when lonely. He hopped on the computer and trolled the web for an underage girl he could lure somewhere so he could rape her. The Taylors resident found what he thought was a child but was actually an undercover police officer who seemed willing to be molested by this loser. Raj made arrangements to ravel all the way to Charleston to meet a little girl he planned on violating, but instead he was picked up by cops and taken to jail. He faces 30 years in prison.

It could have easily been a child though, which is why parents need to monitor their children’s Internet activity. I know it interferes with your bar hopping and childish behavior, but it’s really your responsibility to ensure your daughter isn’t raped and murdered by some pervert she meets online that is giving her the love and affection you aren’t.

Armed Robbery Suspect Not as Hot as Hoped For, Also a Horrible Mother

During a slow news day I had idly hoped that the 30-40 year old woman committing a string of armed robberies would spice up the local crime scene by being an attractive woman whose Facebook profile would be full of bikini clad photos I could mine for days to increase traffic. Alas, it was not to be my friends. Instead we have Alisha Chandel Howse. Don’t let the stripper name fool you, she’s a methed out skank who looks like the product of years of inbreeding … by people with one ear noticeably bigger than the other.

No, really. Look at her ears:

Alisha Howse is a Horrible Mother

So there goes all my Google image traffic. But the worst part of this story isn’t that none of the crooks in this area have the decency to have hot pictures floating around I can use as link bait, it’s that Alisha Howse is literally a horrible mother:

Greenville authorities have arrested a Taylors mother who is accused of committing three violent robberies, including one armed robbery while her children waited in her car.

Investigators with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office have charged Alisha Chandel Howse, 28, of 253 A Wansley Road, Taylors, with three counts of armed robbery, two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent offense, and three counts of unlawful neglect of a child.

Howse is accused of a June 3 armed robbery at the Huddle House at 2907 N. Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville; the June 27 robbery of the Dollar General Store at 5601 Locust Hill Road in Travelers Rest; and the July 2 armed robbery of Taylor’s Food Mart at 1075 Reid School Road in Taylors, during which she is charged with leaving her three children, ages 9, 9, and 4, in her vehicle while committing the crime.

Looking at her early stage meth face and dead eyes I’m betting armed robbery is not the worst thing Howse was up to while her kids were waiting in the car.

Is it too much to ask for a criminal with some curb appeal? Before breaking any laws ladies try to get a photo or two online like this:

She's Packing Heat!

Death and Dishonor: Marine Arrested in Issac Bass Murder!

Eric Ransom - Murderer and Traitor

More arrests in the Issac Bass murder. One of his killers was a active duty marine!

From Fox Carolina:

On Jan. 27, 2007, 22-year-old Isaac Bass was found shot to death outside the Wendy’s restaurant on North Pleasantburg Drive. Police have said that they believe Bass was killed when he left work the night before.

In March, investigators arrested 21-year-old Korey Love in connection with the case. Love was charged with murder, attempted armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and possession of a pistol by a person unlawful.

Investigators said that the arrest came after receiving tips that came in during news coverage of the third anniversary of Bass’ death in January.

After Love’s arrest, police said they were able to identify a second suspect in Bass’ death as 20-year-old Eric Ransom, a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Investigators said they obtained warrants for Ransom’s arrest on July 12, and worked with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to return Ransom to Greenville.

Ransom has been charged with attempted armed robbery and murder. He was being held at the Greenville County Detention Center.

Disgusting. While the military isn’t the most lucrative career Ransom obviously didn’t have any real need to commit a crime, he did this for fun. He should be executed for murdering Bass, and dishonoring the proud tradition of service to the country the military represents.

Jamille Hardy Accused of Beating Foster Kid

Jamille Hardy

A four-year-old boy is in critical condition with brain injuries and serious bruises after his foster father allegedly beat him until his brain bled.  41-year-old Jamille Hardy of Taylors was charged with abuse after Greenville County Sheriff’s Office investigators determined he had caused the preschooler’s injuries.

According to an arrest warrant, Hardy’s foster son was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital on Sunday. A doctor there determined that the boy had suffered a hard blow to the head, which caused his brain to bleed. The warrant said that Hardy threw his foster son to the floor.

The warrant also stated that the boy had suffered fresh contusions from his upper chest to his knees.

Investigators said that Hardy told them that he was having a hard time getting the boy to eat so he spanked him a few times. They also said that Hardy admitted to pushing the boy to the ground when he tried to run away from him. He said that was when the boy became unconscious.

A doctor told investigators he was unsure how the head injury might impact the child’s development.  The boy remains hospitalized.

Hardy is being held without bond at the Greenville County Detention Center.  That’s a good start, but it won’t undo all the ways in which society has failed this child. Abandoned by his own parents, he was placed in the care of a soulless animal who turned him into a living, breathing punching bag.

This child may end up paying for the rest of his life. Can we say the same of the person who hurt him, and the people responsible for placing him in that home?

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