Tammy Winchester is a Hellcat!

Tammy Winchester is a Hellcat

Don’t worry though, Greenvillians, she’s not local. But this mugshot is so awesome I could not skip over this story. Why’s Tammy so happy? Because getting busted for domestic violence and assaulting an officer might get you and me down, but for Tammy “Hellcat” Winchester it’s just another weeknight:

UNION COUNTY, S.C. — Union police officers arrested a woman Tuesday accused of burning a man with cigarettes and spitting on officers.

According to an incident report, officers responded to a domestic call on house on White Oak Street. They said a man, Roger Ford, 55, complained that Tammy Annette Winchester, 49, put a cigarette out on his back and scratched him on the chest and stomach.

Ford said Winchester assaulted him after he threw out her vodka and beer, the report stated.

Officers said they entered the home and found Winchester on a bed. When they started to place her in handcuffs, they said, she began cussing and spitting repeatedly at them.

She spit numerous times on the glass and seat of the patrol car as she was transported to the Union County Detention Center, the report states.

Notice the report says they found her on a bed not in a bed. The less we know about that, the better I’m sure. The soon to be single Winchester sounds like a blast for any middle aged men out there with a sense adventure and a high tolerance for pain, but may I suggest the first date include dinner and an A.A. meeting?

Exit question 1: Judging from the mugshot, are we to assume this is Hellcat happy?

Exit Question 2: If this is how Hellcat reacts to having her booze taken away, what happens when you take her cigarettes?


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  1. Tabitha Bunton on February 24th, 2014 9:13 pm

    I am Tammy’s daughter n yes she is a bad ass that doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit…but you don’t know her and have no rite to say the things u said bitch…thanks for your time..Tabitha ;)

  2. wotoadgi on August 27th, 2015 3:06 am

    This is gonna be sort of like THEKILLERWHALE’s on GarPax, but this one is going to be better because the stuff in it is true! It’s similar because, while Thibs has gotten a lot of praise for his coaching and player development work, I realized today there was a pretty big coaching requirement that Thibs has excelled at this year, but that we’ve talked almost nothing about.
    For lack of a better term, I’m going to call it Ego Management.
    We all know, and have observed that NBA coaches almost always live or die based on their ability to manage their player’s egos. What really separates and Greg Popovich from all these other schmucks?
    The ability to get everyone to buy in. Most coaches don’t, and they go the way of Doug Collins or Scott Skiles. Or, say, , whose imploded last year.
    What are the kinds of issues that require player ego management?
    came to the wanting to start and finish games, and he’s said so publicly. This is something that frequently pisses off coaches and teams, and it’s tough to deal with for a coach. A player, especially a good one, can get a coach fired.
    , of course, can’t be that happy to have gone from out from under Boozer to under Gasol.
    After basically two years off, , our franchise player, has been brilliant again as an iso player, but his shot selection and decision-making running the team have been… questionable.
    is on his contract year and betting hard on himself. This is a classic recipe for conflict and contention.
    Any one of these player issues, by themselves, can and do blow up around the league all the time. They blow up because bad coaches mismanage them, people get pissed, and teams lose because of it.
    But not here, because Thibs has kept a pretty good lid on all of it. So much so that ihey’re not even mentioned as issues at this point.
    That, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another reason to praise .

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