Taylors Woman Sexually Assaulted While Walking Dog

From Fox Carolina:

TAYLORS, S.C. — Sheriff’s deputies in Greenville County are searching for a man who they said sexually assaulted a woman who was walking her dog early Tuesday morning.

Investigators said that the attack occurred in the Pebble Creek community at about 12:30 a.m., FOX Carolina News reported.

Deputies said that the woman was walking her dog near the golf course when she was attacked by a tall man wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt.

Area residents told Fox Carolina News that it’s not unusual to see runners or neighbors walking their dogs in the Pebble Creek area.

Resident Brenda Newman said she and her dog Otis often enjoy walks.

“In the morning, though, when I have walked, I have carried pepper spray,” she said.

Which I take to mean there are some concerns about the area. Pepper spray is a great deterrent for the firearm or knife shy citizen, but needs to be backed up by something stouter. A person with their hood up and something wrapped around their face can deflect the spray and remain dangerous.

Greenville News is reporting that the victim was a “young adult” who was randomly targeted. Police are advising people to travel through Pebble Creek in pairs.

Call Crime Stoppers at 864- 232-7463 if you have any leads.

WYFF has a video report and the phone number to the lead detective – 865-467-4704.


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  1. marian on December 17th, 2009 9:30 pm

    Mother, carol told me, ” she (Katie), wasn’t even walking the dog”. Someone is lying or very confused.

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