“Teen” Steals Father’s Truck, Crashes it in Police Chase

And by teen, we mean a 19-year-old man who has already had his license suspended and is old enough to know better. From WYFF:

Police Chief Lance Crowe said one of his officers turned out of the hospital and noticed Bradley Long driving 20 miles over the speed limit. She followed him until he got off on a side road, Crowe said. The officer said the teenager got back on the highway after she passed by him, which made her suspicious. She turned on her blue lights to pull him over, and that’s when the chief said Long sped off.

Crowe said Long crashed in a ditch soon after he took off. He was able to get his truck out of the ditch, but hit the front end of the officer’s car. Another chase began, but ended when he crashed a second time, Crowe said.

Long tried to escape, but the officer used a Taser to stop him. Back-up arrived and the teenager was taken into custody, according to the chief.

Crowe said Long was booked at the Greenville County jail. The chief said Long might have been trying to get away because he was driving with a suspended license and did not have permission to use his father’s truck, which was badly damaged in the chase.

Something tells me Bradley Long is in big trouble.  How scary does your father have to be for you to crash a truck twice in a police chase and still try to run off when the only thing you’ve done wrong is taken your dad’s truck? I guess not quite scary enough to straighten this idiot out.


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