Terrence Dale Williams Jr. Kills Himself to Avoid Prison

Terrence Dale Williams was about to be picked up by police in connection with a string of armed robberies of pizza delivery workers. Like an old school gangster he was never taken alive:

GREER, S.C. — Police say a man accused of holding up three pizza delivery drivers in South Carolina shot and killed himself as sheriff’s deputies surrounded him.

Multiple media outlets reported that 27-year-old Terrence Dale Williams Jr. of Greer shot himself in the chest Thursday night as Greenville County sheriff’s deputies closed in on his car.

Deputy Matthew Armstrong says it appeared Williams was about to get out when he shot himself before officers could intervene.

Armstrong says deputies did not fire at Williams and he didn’t shoot at them.

Sheriff Steve Loftis has asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.

Williams was named in warrants in armed robberies of three pizza deliverers since Jan. 18.

Deputies got a tip he was in Taylors and went to arrest him when the shooting occurred.

Seems extreme but the way I read South Carolina law he was going to get a minimum of 10 years per robbery which is a long time since he just pulled a “string” of robberies. Am I mistaken on this? Maybe one of those anonymous lawyer friends of Bobby Caples can take time out of threatening people with frivolous lawsuits to let me know.

WYFF has details:

“Greenville County deputies received information that Williams was at a family member’s house on Lauren Wood Circle in the Taylors area,” said Matt Armstrong, public information officer of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

He said deputies arrived at the scene at about 7:05 p.m. When they recognized the vehicle in the home’s driveway as the one for which they had been searching, they approached the car and ordered Williams to step out of the car.

“Investigators heard a fire arm discharged,” Armstrong said.

He said deputies did not fire any shots.

Armstrong said the sheriff has asked the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to run a parallel investigation to make sure that there are no doubts about what happened to the alleged robber.

All the robbery incidents occurred within the last week and a half.

Pizza delivery workers all over the state just breathed a sigh of relief. It’s just too bad Williams didn’t think about how bad he didn’t want to go to jail prior to robbing innocent people.


20 Responses to “Terrence Dale Williams Jr. Kills Himself to Avoid Prison”

  1. Ashley K on June 25th, 2010 7:10 pm

    Terrence is the father of my child. He never was a thug! He comes from a very very good family. He was not raised in the hood. Believe it or not his father was a preacher. People do make mistakes especially when they do have a mental condition that goes untreated. I mourn everyday nobodys opinion doesnt matter because they dont even know him to judge him. I will pray for you all that have hate in your heart.

  2. Rob Taylor on June 25th, 2010 9:52 pm

    So terrorizing innocent people at gunpoint is a mistake? I’ll make sure to realize that if some thug pulls a gun on me and threatens to kill me unless I give him my wallet.

    What mental condition makes you pull a string of armed robberies anyway? And if he was mentally ill why didn’t you have him committed since you clearly knew he was dangerous?

    Sounds to me like you’re another thug loving gutterslut who was happy to spend the money he stole from innocent people and now you want to pretend that what he (and you) were doing wasn’t wrong. Sorry kid, but we all have an absolute right to judge others by their behavior. Your sperm donor robbed people trying to support their families because he was to lazy to work and to stupid to stop getting high. That makes him trash and now that he’s dead I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. Jill English on August 3rd, 2010 11:06 am

    To Rob Taylor, You are one the most unhuman person on the face of the earth. This young man was not a sprem donor he was my Grandaughter’s Father. You should be ashamed of yourself, this young man did not even do drugs, his authosy showed no drugs in his system. You need to think become you comment. You are very stupid person. This young man had just lost his father to a extended illness, and for you to talk about my Daughter that way i would love to meet you in person. I am a white very smart woman and you are the one that is bad rubbish as you say. God will judge you in good time. My prayers go out to all who have hate in there heart and judges before they no what is going on. You just read something and take it form there, Thats what i call a STUPID PERSON. So good riddance to you and all who think like you.

  4. Rob Taylor on August 3rd, 2010 2:24 pm

    You mean “inhuman” by the way but it’s no wonder your slut daughter has no ability to understand that this scum bought this on himself with his desire to terrorize multiple people at gunpoint.

    The fact that he wasn’t on drugs makes his crime worse, not better. You’re crying for a man who pulled guns on women and teens just trying to make a buck. What happened there’s no rapists or wife beaters for you to defend?

    And who gives a crap if you’re White? Although the term “White” means little, since Italians, Irish, English, Finns, Russians and Greeks are all White and are ethnically different from each other but I digress.

    It’s clear you’re not a smart woman, or you’d be relieved that your daughter wasn’t going to raise a child with a man who though robbing people at gun point is a good idea. But I guess now there’s no one to buy you lottery tickets, generic menthol and White Power T-shirts. You must miss him, but don’t worry, you’ll see him again in Hell.

  5. Cat Ellis on August 3rd, 2010 2:58 pm

    You two ladies must be joking.

    Rob has you both pegged. A string of robberies is not a mistake. And if it was known he had a mental illness, than those closest to him had the responsibility to get him treatment.

    As to the whole drug thing, I read, and re-read Rob’s comments. I did not see anywhere that he accused this criminal of being on drugs. Drugs would actually have provided some reason for the behavior! Instead, he held people at gun point while he was stone cold sober!!! Yeah, that’s so much better.

    It is so sad that this child will grow up with such a tragedy in her family’s history. But her father, and all those that did not get him mental help (if that’s even true) are the parties responsible. So stop whining when other, law-abiding folks feel just a bit better about an armed-robber being off the streets.

    If he weren’t guilty, he wouldn’t have killed himself. And how selfish of him to do so, leaving his child behind. I understand that those who loved him will mourn for him. But you two should understand that the rest of us don’t have sentiment clouding our judgement of his actions.

    Don’t pass the blame off to everyone else. Take some personal responsibility for accepting the stolen goods, for not getting him mental help, for not turning him in for his crimes. You’re only upset because you know you had a role to play in it. Look in the damn mirror if you need someone to be angry at!

  6. Rob Taylor on August 3rd, 2010 3:33 pm

    “Take some personal responsibility for accepting the stolen goods, for not getting him mental help, for not turning him in for his crimes.”

    Exactly Cat. They’re upset because they don’t have all that stolen loot coming in. If they really cared about him they would have stopped him from throwing his life away.

  7. Jill English on August 4th, 2010 8:01 am

    You both will rot in hell !!!!!!

  8. Rob Taylor on August 4th, 2010 2:41 pm

    Why did we shove a gun in some kids face and tell him we’d kill him if he didn’t fork over the cash?

  9. Korina Smith on August 5th, 2010 12:30 am

    This is directed to Rob and Cat, I understand that you have the right to speak your mind but do you have to be so mean about it? The ladies are not trying to justify what he did. They are just trying to get you to understand that he did not have to be a drug addict or a thug as you say to have robbed people. In this economy lots of people are doing crazy things to just make ends meet. Since you are into the media so much did you hear about this man that was a truck driver for 17 years and was layed off his job. He was about to loose his house and everything that he worked so hard for so he decided to rob a convient store for money. He shot the store clerk and the clerk ended up passing. The man later killed himself. Now, because this man did the same thing only difference is that Terrence didn’t physical harm anyone. So is the truck driver a drug addict thug as well? You don’t know what you are talking about you can only go by what the media tells you. The way you speak to these women you should be ashamed of your self. How do you even know that he and his childs mother were together when this was going on for you to say all these things about these women. If this man had some mental problems then yes they should have gotten him some help but at the same time an grown adult has the right to refuse treatment. Who knows his family might have been in the process of getting him treatment when this tragedy happened. You don’t know this man’s background nor do you know these women. All you need to talk about is what the media tells you instead of trying to degrade them when you don’t know anymore than what is in the media. I know your family is not perfect and no family is in this world. I’m sure you have a son or nephew that is going around raping and molesting women and children which is robbing them of something. When they get caught will you blog on their story? Right is right and wrong is wrong but you don’t have to hold the family responsible for his mistake. Yes, I said mistake because obviously it was a mistake because his family would not go this far to defend him.

    To Jill and Ashley,
    My heart and prayers goes out to you and your family. I pray for strength to get through this tragedy. Terrence is in a better place now looking down watching over you. He has been washed of all of his sins now and he can move on with the assurence that you and his child are ok. As for this blog, They are not his judge or his jury. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE HIM!!!! They are ignorant and want to make you have hate in your heart just like they do. They Devil will fight but as long as you have the Almight God on your side you will always win. May God Bless your family.

  10. Rob Taylor on August 5th, 2010 12:49 am


    A)Both women here and in emails they sent me did in fact attempt to justify his actions.

    B)If he was a drug addict that would have been BETTER. Do you understand that? That a person who isn’t desperate or out of their mind doing something terrible (like TERRORIZING TEENAGERS AT GUNPOINT) is actually worse than a person who has some problem which drives them to do something they would not have otherwise done?

    C) Most unemployed people don’t, in fact, pointy a gun at a trembling woman or child and tell them they’ll die if they don’t cooperate.

    D) I don’t know if the mythical truck driver you’re talking about is on drugs, but again, a drug addict has an excuse for doing terrible things. It may not mitigate the need for justice, but at least they have some reason for their actions aside from being evil.

    E) Why should I respect a person who doesn’t have any empathy for the victims of Terrence? Do you think about the ightmares they have after thinking they were going to die at the hands of a thug? How many of them quit and are now unemployed? Do you care about them at all?

    I’d go on but I just read the part where you slander my family. Are you retarded? No one in my family has ever raped or molested anyone, because I don’t come from a family of meth using hillbillies like yourself.

    Pulling a gun on someone and making them think that they may die isn’t a mistake by the way. You sound like a thug groupie.

    And of course you end with the most wicked and vile sentence ever made Only God can judge. Funny because you just judged me but I guess I need to shove a pistol in some 17-year-old’s face to get some sympathy from you. If only God can judge I guess rapists, child molesters and murderers should all be released from prison. I guess Hitler can’t be called evil, nor can Mason and Dahmer? After all we are then judging.

    Let me guess, you are or are blowing a felon?

  11. ashley kemp on August 5th, 2010 2:46 pm

    This is directed to Robert Taylor, I understand completely why your so upset! All this is coming from an obest rob zombie/ brett micheals redneck wannabe, oh by the way im talking about you ROBERT TAYLOR. I see that you very much in dept so you have to stoop this low to make ends meet, which your resident is a piece of shit just like you. I hope maybe you can get out here and get a real job rather than sitting on your fatass all day talking BLOGGING as you want to call it. You (ROBERT TAYLOR) are damn near fourty years old and this is so sad i was expecting a young ingorant teenager doing this. You are a grown ass man act like one. OH by the way i see why u like calling women sluts so much because of all the infedility in your marriage! from now on please watch who you talk shit about because greenville is small and mauldin is smaller! blog about that BITCH! AND TO CAT IM JUST GETTING STARTED. have a nice day!

  12. Rob Taylor on August 5th, 2010 3:20 pm

    A) I think you mean “obese” but for the record I’m not, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve been with the same woman for 20 years so what guttersluts who date thugs think of my appearance is pretty irrelevant.

    And I consider myself more of a Ted Nugent/Alice Cooper tribute.

    B)There’s no need to type my name in all caps. But thank you for considering it important enough to do so.

    C) You mean “in depth” and I’m going to go ahead and say you probably have missed the idea behind the phrase “stoop low” as it regards to people making ends meet. Your degenerate ex sticking a gun in a teenagers face and telling that person they might die is stooping low, running a blog might be lazy, but it isn’t immoral.

    D) You should probably look up “hypocrisy and “irony” to fully understand why my wife and I have been laughing since this comment was posted.

    E) Not being a dwelling I don’t have a “resident” which would be someone who lives inside me. If you mean “residence” I live in a completely average sub-division three bedroom which looks like every other one in the area. I assume you saw my dashing Facebook profile photo and mistook that as being taken in my residence. It was actually taken in Costco, the food stand in the background should have tipped you off.

    F)It’s ironic that person trolling a blog at 2:46 in the afternoon should tell me that I should get a job. But I guess you work nights, although the strip clubs do open early here.

    G)Which is it, am I talking or blogging?

    H) Are you really saying that adults think criminality is acceptable? I am “almost” forty and as I get older crime bothers me more, but that’s because I have morals.

    I)Infidelity is another word I don’t think you know the meaning of. Having women who are either fans of my sites, fellow bloggers or just people I converse with online for various reasons (like the people from Pagans Against Child Abuse) is not infidelity unless I was nailing them, which I am not. I assume Terrence beat you for talking to guys or something so I won’t make fun of you for that.

    J) Greenville and Mauldin are smaller than what? Why is that how you end this? I moved from the Bronx to Mauldin because it was a smaller town and had less crime. I don’t get why that’s your big card to “shut me up”

    Anyway, you probably aren’t just getting started, I’ll likely ban you since you’re just rambling but please, send another comment. They are funny if nothing else.

  13. Cat Ellis on August 5th, 2010 4:36 pm


    I’m not being mean. Mean would be calling them names, laughing at them, revelling in their pain, etc. Not feeling bad about an armed robber blowing his brains out is not the same thing as being mean. Not feeling sympathy for the people who let someone with a mental illness go untreated is not mean.

    However, given the fact that the stolen funds were not refused by the wife, I’m less inclined to believe the story that he had a mental illness. I’m far more inclined to believe that the economy had more to do with this than mental illness. That still doesn’t make it right. It’s also a warning of what is coming as the economy declines.

    I wonder if anyone commenting here has ever had a gun pointed at them. I have. It is an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. Just because this guy didn’t actually pull the trigger does not make his crimes any less terrifying to his victims.

    His wife can’t play the “poor widow” role because she was a party to it by accepting the money. She did not report him nor get him mental help. Instead, she accepted the stolen property. This is why she has no right to be upset over coverage of her husband’s suicide. She should be appologetic for his and her actions, not telling everyone what a great guy he was.

    I know the economy is tough. That is still no excuse to steal from others and to do so under the threat of death. My husband was laid off from his job as an equipment operator in Jan of 2008 because of the economy. We have scraped, scrimped, gone without, and had to get very creative in order to raise income levels to support our family. We both started businesses, my husband took odd jobs, drove taxi, and was out there every single day applying for work. It took over 2 years before he got another one. THAT is what you do when times are tough. THAT is what a father is supposed to do- not become a criminal and then leave the child without a dad.

    I feel very badly for the child, who is the only innocent in this matter. What a tragedy to lose her father, and what a horrible legacy to have in one’s family history.

  14. Cat Ellis on August 5th, 2010 4:55 pm


    I do not know what Rob’s weight has to do with his opinion, or what you consider obese… wait, that’s right, who the hell cares?

    People resort to remarks about the way a person looks when they are immature and lack the intelligence to debate about an issue.

    You are in no position to tell someone how to earn a living. Blogging isn’t lazy. It is working in front of a computer, which is the exact same as every office job out there. By your logic, every person that has a desk job is lazy.

    One thing that blogging won’t do is get you arrested for armed robbery. It is a legal form of employment that one can report on their taxes.

    Only God can judge… and which god might that be? The one that seeks vengence against sinners? Well, not having sympathy for you isn’t a sin. Committing suicide, last I checked, was a sin in Christianity. Be careful before you throw the god card around. Trust me, god isn’t on your speed dial, waiting for the go-ahead from you to dole out vengence on who you want.

    You would have been a more sympathetic figure if you had been more humble, had refused the stolen goods, or done anything to indicate that you recognize what your husband did was wrong and people have the right to acknowledge it was wrong.

    The mental illness story isn’t going to garner you much sympathy. If you knew about it and didn’t get him help, then you are as much to blame for all of this, and that is why you’re angry and taking it out on everyone else. Even if he wouldn’t go to counselling, you could have had him committed. It would have been difficult, but it would have prevented a lot of tragedy. Then again, you took the goods, so the mental illness story probably isn’t true anyway.

    For a better public relations spin, try being a bit more humble, start blaming it on the economy instead of mental illness, tell stories of him before the economy tanked, and start telling people you tried to stop it, refused the goods, or something that would give you anything similar to a moral leg to stand on before you go throwing stones at anyone else.

  15. Rob Taylor on August 5th, 2010 6:02 pm

    Oh Snap! Better than what I wrote Cat, but to be fair I was distracted by my obesity and infidelity, plus Jesus had come down to tell me that I shouldn’t judge criminals because that’s worse than crime itself.

  16. ashley kemp on August 5th, 2010 6:38 pm

    Im not going to let this website bother me no more. I really dont care what you think. Everything you all are saying doesnt have nothing to do with me. I was never his wife, better yet i got a call from a investigator to come and talk with him about terrence and i fully cooraperated. That shows how little you know. When he commited suicide i was the last one to know because i was a work (not swinging on a pole!) LOL. But anyways im not going to keep commenting on this website so rob taylor can continue to make money off me and this whole blog. This is too childish for me i made one comment i didnt e-mail rob or direct or ask for his opinion because i can care less nobody really knows the whole story but me and his family.

  17. Rob Taylor on August 5th, 2010 7:58 pm

    You mean “any more” and clearly you do care about what I think.

    So you’re a rat? I figured you were, now you feel guilty and you’re taking it out on everyone else.

    If you work how can you spend all day and all night sending me comments and emails?

    And you did send me an email, maybe you were too drunk to remember so I’ll refresh your memory:

    rom Ashley Kemp
    to redalertstips@gmail.com
    date Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    Message body:
    I seen where you still have a ad posted about terrence williams this happened 6 monthes ago. I think its inappropiate to let peopple talk so cruel to people thats not even here to defend there self. please take this down this is the father of my child and i dont like nobody talking badly about him. These people dont even know him. Everybody has a story behind everything they do. Thank you

    You might be confused because this came via a contact form, but that’s still email.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Michael Lane on April 1st, 2013 9:03 am

    Hmmm, My sister asked me to read this site, It is amazing who is the victim and who is the client?

    No need to answer for me, I can tell you are definitely a “Hitler Type” person. You have a way to read into everyone’s story and make your self come out on top.
    Let me ask you this, do you actually listen? Or do you just talk?
    Do you care for people? Or did your childhood make you into this little monster.
    All I can convey and write and what is expressed in your opinions in response to others people option’s.

    At this point Mr. Hitler, I would say they cannot express their own opinion. You attack them from the get go. Geez……Dr. Phil

    As much as I do not agree with His show, he is on live TV with his guests that have written Him and he has to look them in the eye and state how he feels.

    Would you be willing to go into the public eye with me and see how a 3rd person with a degree views our differences? I think it would be eye opening for us both.
    I probably need to hear a few things and perhaps you may too.
    Not much to loose. Just educated man with a lot of experience under his belt.

    I would not be upset if I was told I was wrong. I would not have to think about it anymore. It would be an enlightening experience for me.

    Thoughts, etc welcome…………Talk soon. Kelley

  19. Rob Taylor on April 1st, 2013 8:35 pm

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I do suggest you read up on what Hitler actually did to people. This guy held up innocent people at gun point and then killed himself because SC wisely locks people like that up a way for life. I approve. But I suppose the idea that criminals are lowlifes is Nazi propaganda?

    I am already in the public eye but I assume you’re talking about a debate of some type with a moderator. If I knew what the debate was about (or is it just about how Nazi-esque it is to save sympathy for the victims of crime and not the perpetrators?) I’d be glad to if it didn’t cut into my time to badly and I got something out of it. I’m just not sure what this 3rd person’s supposed degree has to do with anything. I have a Master’s myself but that doesn’t mean I’m a impartial person for a moderator gig.

    Though I suspect that you’re whole “public eye” thing is a set up to get me somewhere where you think you can kick my ass. Since I was born and raised in “Illtown” I don’t sweat White people (no offense) so if you want to “get it poppin’” as we say just hit my contact form and I’ll let you know where I’ll be the next couple of days.

    Now I’m back to exterminating over 6,000,000 Jews, Christians, Gypsies, Homosexuals etc. Oh wait – that’s what Hitler did. I’m actually off to walk my dog then write a freelance piece on preparedness. Gee, it’s like I’m Hitler’s twin I guess.

    And if we don’t get a chance to debate, or “debate” as it were, I will leave you with a good night and go fuck yourself scumbag. How retarded does a person have to be think you can insult someone then basically ask for a dialog? Mike Lane retarded is the answer.

  20. Mark on January 29th, 2015 1:30 am

    I just tread about this I know it happened 5 yrs ago I just wanted to let Jill and Ashley know I do know about mental illness and I am here to say that I am sorry for your loss and for your child that has to grow up without a Dad you Ladies don’t deserve the abuse from these jerks God bless you three and your families.

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