Terry Lanford Wants to Thank the People of Woodruff for Their Support (and Drug Money)

Disgraced “developer” Terry Lanford made a court appearance yesterday to face charges that he and Spartanburg County Clerk of Court Marc Kitchens were involved in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and meth. As he left court he gave this statement:

But he did say he would like to thank the people of Woodruff for their support during the last few weeks.

“They’ve been very kind and good to me,” said Lanford, owner of Lanford Properties. “There are a lot of good, Christian people in Woodruff and I really appreciate them standing by me.”

Indeed, but he already thanked them by delivering local drugs to a Florida dealer and underpaying his taxes by $380,000. I’m sure the good people of Woodruff will feel appreciated as they watch the drug related crime and attendant violence blossom in part due to Lanford’s (alleged) funding of the local drug trade. I’m sure in a recession everyone feels the “thanks” of tax cheats and criminals. I’m sure anyone who gets robbed by an addict, or who has a house they can’t sell because it’s next to a dealer, or who sees cuts to essential services will be heartened by the thanks of a drug dealing tax cheat.


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