Thank the Gods! House Approves Amazon Deal!

Hail Woden!

Finally people have come to their senses! From

In a stunning reversal, the state House overwhelmingly approved a five-year sales-tax exemption today for Amazon to build a distribution center in Cayce.

The measure passed 97-20 three weeks after the House rejected it by a vote of 71-47. The online retailer halted work on the center and stopped hiring the first of the 1,249 jobs when the incentive was turned down.

Lexington County lawmakers and business leaders said Amazon could build three additional sites in South Carolina if it did not have to collect sales taxes from state residents for five years. Two of the other sites are in Spartanburg and Cayce.

House Republican leader Kenny Bingham, R-Lexington, said on the House floor that Amazon would invest at least $125 million and create 2,000 jobs in South Carolina.

As usual the “brick and morter” businesses are claiming that this will hurt their bottom line – which doesn’t make sense because Amazon would continue to operate the same way whether they created jobs here or not. Amazon is under attack because it is the last free market in the world, and these businesses that have hopped on Wal-Mart’s coat tails should be taking advantage of the Amazon platform instead of literally trying to put force people into their storefronts.

Anyway, my prayers were yet again answered – proving I am much beloved by all the gods everywhere. Suck it Wal-Mart!


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