The Blaze Finds Parents of the Year in Kentucky Strip Club Parking Lot

This video report via The Blaze pretty much locks up this year’s Parents of the Year contest. 28-year-old Thomas and 43-year-old Laura Diprimo were partying at a strip club (and Diprimo actually may have been working there) while their one year old child was left in a car. It was around 97degrees and well after 11:00pm.

Oh, and Lee was found wearing an ankle bracelet – the electronic kind. He was supposed to be on house arrest and is on probation for charges relating to the child and DiPrimo.

As they were being arrested they complained that the police car was too hot. Let that sink in for a minute:

So we have an almost middle aged skank who still dances (stripping is a young gals game) and was caught drinking and driving with her child at 3 am shacked up with some abusive douchebag half her age who once kidnapped her child? Sounds like we have a winner. I assume Lee is the jealous type since he could have avoided trouble by staying home and babysitting while she danced. Or he could have waited in the car.

Anyone have pictures of her naked? I’m betting someone does.


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