The Koran Riots are an Indictment of All Islam?

That’s the argument I make in my new NewReal Blog post. Here’s a taste:

There is no other religious group on Earth that murders and rapes more people whenever they feel attacked and insulted nor is there one that attacks and insults other religions as regularly. While the Muslims in Afghanistan murdered innocent people because one man in Florida burned a Koran, Saudi authorities tortured and arrested two Indian Christians for praying. During the arrest Saudi religious police trampled the victims’ Bibles and tore the holy books.

Where are the Christian riots? How many people will be murdered in retaliation for Saudi Arabian religious police desecrating Bibles?

Malaysian authorities desecrated Bibles headed to their country’s Christians, but so far there have been no mass murders by Christians there. Why is that?

The Fogel Family massacre was celebrated by Palestinian Muslims who passed out sweets in joyous revelry over the butchering of Jewish children. Does anyone remember Jews worldwide attacking Muslim families in protest?

Of course not, because Jews and Christians are part of a Western moral tradition that seeks to rise above barbarity. Even hate cults like the Westboro Baptists don’t murder their critics and the Branch Davidians only took up arms when they believed they were backed into a corner–and had never terrorized their neighbors. Our religious extremists are less prone to violence that the average Muslim in any Islamic country.

Read the rest. You’ll love it (or hate it).


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