The People You Meet at Coffee Underground

David Brozowski is a Murderer and a Thief

I went to Coffee Underground once. The coffee was awful, the bathroom looked like a crack house whose floor was made of solidified urine and the customers were a combination of coke sniffing hipster douchebags and the immature baby boomers who hang around them talking about how fascist everyone is who doesn’t smoke pot and rub one out to Howard Zinn. It’s more of a pretension than a coffee shop, a place people who can’t be trusted to not get themselves beat up in a bar can hang out and pretend they’re better than the rest of the people wandering around downtown Greenville.

Thus this story doesn’t surprise me at all:

Besides their popular brew, it’s been the conversation at Coffee Underground in Greenville for days:  how to help victims in Haiti.  “Customers are very generous,“ says owner Dana Lowie.  “They want to help however they can.“  Lowie put out a jar collecting cash for the relief effort, but never expected what came next.  “This guy came in, came up to the register, and started chit chatting with my employee,“ she says.  The shop security camera then catches the man stuff the donation jar in his jacket and taking off.

Police have reviewed the video tape an have identified the suspect as David Brozowski. Police have issued a warrant for Brozowski, but he has not yet been arrested.

Greenville Police say Brozowski was out on bond on a murder charge from a 2009 incident in which they say Brozowski hit a man at a bar. They say that man later died from his injuries.

Stealing $20 while out on bond for murder? Hmmm. Could he be a drug addict? As an aside, why is a man who just recently killed a guy out on bond anyway? He is clearly a danger to the community.

I bet he fit right in at Coffee Underground though, until he disabused them of their Utopian hippydom.

Exit question: Why don’t you ever hear about murderers and drug addicts frequenting Starbucks?


2 Responses to “The People You Meet at Coffee Underground”

  1. Mary Nealy on March 28th, 2010 11:38 am

    Rob, I don’t know if you are making a feeble attempt at being funny, but your remarks are slanderous and uncalled for. NOT funny. I wonder what has caused you to be so bitter. Your mother would be ashamed of you.

  2. Rob Taylor on March 28th, 2010 3:33 pm

    You don’t know what slander is do you?

    My “bitterness” comes from having visited Coffee Underground once. It reeked of pot and patchouli, the bathroom was disgusting and the high barista that took my order not only got I wrong but made the one of the most disgusting cup of coffee that ever crossed my lips. And frankly since I’m much better educated than anyone in your little shop I didn’t appreciate the pretentious airs (as i said above) of people a few years away from trading sex for drug money on Craigslist.

    That by the way is also not slander or libel. Grow up.

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