This is Why I Left New York – Reason 172

The person who uploaded this video gives a synopsis of what happened. Including him taking time to film the beating and not call the police until he had enough footage to make it interesting. Nice work “hero”

The incident occurred at around 10:40AM on a Manhattan bound E or M train ( I get on at Court Square-the previous stop and didn’t notice which train).

I was reading an article on the train on my IPAD2 on my way to work , when I got off the train I heard a heated argument and saw fists start to fly. I immediately turned on my camera and began to record when I noticed the doors closed but the train not move- thinking police might need the video as evidence of the crime I kept recording.

As I recorded I noticed the train was full and I heard a girl crying and saw an old lady clawing at the door for the fight to stop.

After a minute I heard the doors open and people hurrying out of the subway car.
The fight then spilled out onto the platform at which point the old lady started hitting (her palm) the african american gentleman to try to stop the fight.
At this point the person who was assaulted kicked a bystander who thought was involved.

At this point the 2 men then headed up an escalator while yelling obscenities.
the Assaulted then came to the foot of the escalator and started yelling at the 2 men saying they are about to have “Round 2″ and started running up the escalator.

The caucasian gentleman went first…he began to run down while the other guy was running up the stairs. They clashed and started rolling down the escalator stairs- I believe I slowed their
tumble by one of them smashing into my leg.

The man in the colorful shirt ran down a few seconds after first 2 clashed. Only he tripped, fell and started to roll down the escalator stairs.

At this point I reached the top and ran outside to flag down the police.

Also check the comments of the video to see some tasty racism, including anti-White comments where people claim Whites bring vicious attacks on themselves by seeming fearful of vicious attacks. Painful:

Via The Blaze


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