This is Why You Lock Your Car Doors: Woman Kidnapped in Greenville Carjacking

When 24-year-old Jessica Mercer pulled up to the intersection of Edwards and Ike Roads early yesterday afternoon she, like a lot of people, didn’t give the fact her car doors were unlocked a second thought. Then an unknown assailant entered her car from the passenger side and drew a knife, directing the terrified woman to Cherrydale where he robbed her and ran off.

She was lucky. Many people taken to secondary crime scenes are raped and often murdered. It is for this reason most competent self defense experts will tell you never to comply with a demand that you leave the vicinity with an assailant. You have a better chance of surviving being shot or stabbed in a public place where you will be discovered than in some deserted area a criminal has picked out as a good place to rob, rape or murder you. All too often they are looking to do all three, and not necessarily in that order.

Keep your car doors locked at all times, and passenger window closed. If you don’t want a gun for self defense there are plenty of pepper sprays out there. Bear spray is a potent form of pepper spray that comes packaged in units with longer ranges than regular sprays. Because it’s made for bears it’s much more effective than self-defense sprays, but also more likely to cause a bad reaction in someone it’s used on. South Carolina is lousy with Taser distributors and those devices are fairly effective. Please check the laws in your locality before making any of these purchases.

Nothing beats a snub nosed revolver, in my humble opinion, for putting an end to a carjacking spree but I understand some of you bleeding hearts out there may not want to kill a man who’s planning on raping you to death so there you go.


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