Thomas and Tiffany Hudgins are Literally Filthy Degenerates

The two people above are Thomas and Tiffany Hudgins, a couple so filthy that their children have been removed from the home. How filthy are they? Read it and weep:

Mauldin police officers said a tip led them to a home where three children were found living in trash.

Officers performed a welfare check at a home on East Butler Road on Thursday. Once inside, officers said they found trash piled two to three feet deep, covering the entire home. Officials said feces were on the walls. Spoiled food was in the refrigerator and maggots covered the counters.

Police officers charged the children’s parents, Tiffany and Thomas Hudgins, with three counts of unlawful conduct towards a child. Investigators said further criminal charges are pending. Both are being held at the Greenville County Detention Center and are awaiting bond hearings.

According to the Mauldin Patch they lived at 299 E. Butler Road, Lot #12 in Mauldin. While they didn’t have time to clean they apparently had plenty of time to surf the web. Both have Facebook pages which can be found here and here.


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