Three Men Arrested for Pelham Road Purse Snatching

Gabriel Donaldson, Recardo Thompson, and Kenneth Burnside
Left to right: Gabriel Donaldson, Recardo Thompson, & Kenneth Burnside

A 21-year-old Marietta man is behind bars at the Greenville County Detention Center for allegedly snatching the purse of a 60-year-old woman. Even worse, this gutless sleazeball, sorry, allegedly gutless sleazeball needed two accomplices to help him pull off the violent robbery:

The incident happened around 1 pm Friday afternoon in front of Dallas Skye Salon on Pelham Road. Greenville Police say that 21-year old Gabriel Lamont Donaldson, of Marietta, admitted to snatching the purse of a 60 year old woman and causing massive bruises to the victim’s shoulder.

Donaldson, who police say also admitted to being the driver of a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria that was involved in the robbery, has been charged with strong armed robbery. Two other men, 20-year old Recardo Darel Thompson and 21-year old Kenneth Jamar Burnside, both of Travelers Rest, have been charged with accessory after the fact of a felony.

All three men have failed to make bond.


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  1. Kim Jones on November 20th, 2011 9:36 pm

    this is a case were the media don’t know what there talking bout how can u say that all three men were in on this an all u see is one man running up the the salon an the snatching the purse then two or three men was chasing this guy u never see the other two guys no where it’s very sad to see out black men doing such dum an stupid crimes an get blamed for others stupid ideas. I don’t think all the men were in on this just trying to lock up ass many blacks as they can

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