Toddlers Yanked from Roach Infested Trailer in Greer

Two children have been placed in protective custody after authorities rescued them from squalid conditions in a Greer trailer home crawling with roaches. Responding to a domestic disturbance call, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies “found it so filthy and roach infested, they had to put on protective gear before they could go inside.”  News Channel 7 reports on what deputies found at the appalling scene:

They say they saw “cockroaches swarming all over the door and floor and anything within plain view.“ They also saw roaches crawling in the children’s beds and on a bag of diapers. The report also states there was no edible food in the refrigerator and mold was growing on a pile of dirty clothes.

Mattresses, clothing, and a broken stove in the trailer were also teeming with live cockroaches, according to WYFF 4.

However, it is not these repugnant third world conditions that brought deputies to the trailer.  No, as it turns out, there was also domestic violence in the home:

According to the incident report, 26 year old Jeffrey Booker attacked his girlfriend with a baseball bat. Deputies say 27 year old Amy Coleman told them she defended herself with a sword.

Investigators arrested Booker for domestic violence. They later charged him and his girlfriend with child neglect after searching the inside of the home.

These dregs of society slipped through the social services cracks long enough that their sons, ages 2 and 3, had to be removed from the filthy home just to ensure their health and well being.  What kind of animals want that kind of life for their babies?  What sort of degenerate swine could let this happen?

This isn’t just a failure of the people who brought these boys into the world, but a failure of society to protect the weak and voiceless among us.   Let’s hope regaining custody is a pipe dream for their “parents.”  These kids are better off in the system.


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  1. jim brown on September 26th, 2012 7:49 pm

    I hate u writers who think they know what going on in peoples life get the story right u dumb asses

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