Transvestite Crime Spree Ends in Travelers Rest

Apparently this gender bending trio have been stealing electronics throughout the upstate and attempted to try their luck in deceptively quiet Travelers Rest. Mayhem and confusion ensued:

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. — Three men dressed as women are accused of shoplifting from Walmart in Travelers Rest. Police say the suspects crashed their getaway car on Highway 25.

Travelers Rest Police Chief Lance Crowe said his officers responded to a call about shoplifters at Walmart just after 6am Friday. As officers arrived the three suspects were seen driving out of the parking lot.

“It appeared they were wearing women’s clothing and portraying themselves as women,” police said. “They pulled out in front of a vehicle, the vehicle blared the horn and slammed the brakes trying to avoid an accident and got the officers’ attention.”

Crowe said his officers chased the car until the driver pulled over at Hawkins Road and Highway 25. Crowe said when the officer got out of his patrol car the suspects put their car in reverse, hit the patrol car and then sped off. The officer was not injured.

Crowe said the officer got back in his car and continued his pursuit. He said responding officers later saw the suspects’ wrecked vehicle just past Highway 414. One of the suspects sitting in the roadway. The man was thrown from the vehicle during the wreck. The other two men were trapped inside the car.

“All three of them appeared to be in shock from the impact,” police said.

Police now are saying they don’t know if the women’s clothing was a disguise or a “lifestyle choice” and I assume they are having a hard time reconciling the pop culture image of cross dressers as extremely meek with the reality of tranny scrapiness. I hate to beat a dead horse, but drugs are obviously involved here and that makes anyone dangerous, but more to the point the idea that transvestites are passive is a myth. The first gay charter school in New York, The Harvey Milk School, had a problem with a group of “transgendered” students pulling off a series of extortion robberies and Ed Gein admitted to skinning female corpses so he could (among other things) pretend to be a woman.

The point being that transvestites are no more or less likely to be criminals than anyone else. There’s video at the link and the three cross dressing banditos have been identified as Chester Dean Ray III, Alvin James Ray Jr. and Tremain Allen Lucas.


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