Transvestite Robs Fabric and Paint Store

Fox Carolina is reporting on what has to be the world’s dumbest caper, complete with the perps having their car and video taped in front of the store. But they don’t mention the most interesting thing. The above surveillance¬† pic seems to show a young man dressed up like Norman Bate’s mother breaking into a fabric store. I would just think this was an interesting tid bit that a report might mention:

Greenville Police said that officers responded to a front glass break alarm on Oct. 13 at about 4:23 a.m. at the Glidden Professionals store at 101 Verdae Blvd. in Greenville.

Police said the right front door’s glass was broken out. After searching the business, no suspects were found.

According to an incident report, the store owner’s said the only thing missing was the cash register’s money drawer containing approximately $50.

Video surveillance from the neighboring BILO store did not show a suspect vehicle arriving or leaving the scene.

According to another incident report, officers were called to the Hancock Fabrics store in the same shopping center on Oct. 13 at 6:30 a.m.

A fabric store employee said that nothing was missing and the safe was still locked, but the front left door’s glass had been shattered, according to the report. The cash register had been tampered with but the report did not say if any money was stolen.

The incident report said that a surveillance video from the fabric store showed a suspect pulling up in front of the store in a blue or dark color four-door vehicle around 4 a.m.

The video showed a suspect striking the door with a baseball bat and handing it off to another person before entering the store through the opening in the door.

The report said the suspect wearing dark gloves and a light brown stocking cap looking for something to take but leaving when he did not find anything of value.

Police said the suspect appeared to be driving a dark-colored, early 90s Nissan Maxima.

OK, it could be a pair of baggy shorts and a blue sweatshirt. But I’m telling you that looks like a blue house dress to me. And he/she seems to be wearing the kind of slippers my great-grand mother was fond of. Strange stuff.


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