Two Arrests Made in Greenville Zoo Shooting

Greenville Zoo Shooters

The Greenville Zoo is located in Greenville’s large and active park system. I was just there this weekend hiking through Cleveland Park and I said to my wife that it was starting to remind me of home, which since I’m from East Orange, NJ is not a good thing.

Looks like my crime blogger sense was right. This shooting happened right where I told my wife we should start avoiding the park at night. From WYFF:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Two men have been charged in connection with a shooting that took place Sunday evening near the Greenville Zoo.

A police officer working in the Cleveland Park area said he heard nine or 10 gun shots fired in the parking lot near the zoo.

Two officers responded to the area, and said they saw a large group of people running. Witnesses said a man had been shot, and moments later, officers located a 16-year-old who said he had been shot in his upper thigh.

The teen, who said he didn’t know who shot him, didn’t want to stay in the area to wait for EMS, police said. The 16-year-old was transported to Greenville Memorial where he was treated and later released.

Police arrested 20-year-old Richard Lewis Hill Jr. and 17-year-old Landis Deluan Franklin in connection to the shooting.

Hill and Franklin are charged with assault with intent to kill, unlawful carrying of a pistol, firearm discharge in the city and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

The horrible thing is that there are so many children and families in the area. Only an animal would start shooting where little kids could get hit. And what’s with a 20-year-old wanting to plug a 16-year-old anyway? He can mull over that mistake in big boy prison I guess.


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