Two Shot Outside Cora’s Social Club In Greenville

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that took place just outside Cora’s Social Club in the early hours of Saturday morning. Deputies say three shots were fired outside the South Washington Avenue nightclub and two individuals sustained gunshot wounds.

The shooter remains at large. News Channel 7 reports that “more detailed information about a suspect or suspects” will not be released until further investigation has been conducted by deputies.

The two people with injuries are expected to recover.

On New Year’s Day, we reported a shooting at Cora’s Social Club in which three individuals sustained gunshot wounds.  Much like Club Roka on South Pleasantburg Drive, Cora’s seems to attract thugs with itchy trigger fingers.

I’m not a fan of early morning trips to the ER (or possibly the Coroner’s Office), so I’ll be sticking to Wal-Mart and the Mickey Dee’s drive-thru for my late night entertainment needs.


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