Uh-Oh: Police Say Taylors Kidnapping Attempt May Not Have Happened as First Described

Interestingly, they’re still looking for a suspect, which I assume means they think an assault did happen and that the victim has some reason for not wanting to finger the right guy. Because the girl is 15, I’ll keep my speculations to myself.

From WSPA:

GREENVILLE – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday a kidnapping they started investigating Tuesday, concerning a 15-year old girl in Taylors didn’t actually occur, as it was orginially [sic] reported by the victim.

Investigators are now saying the incident does not appear to be a random “stranger on stranger” incident. They say the exact nature of this reported assault is still under investigation.


Wednesday, the GCSO still said they were seeking a 20-30 year old Hispanic male, with a medium build and a thin mustache.

Investigators said he was driving an older moldel [sic] “boxy” sedan, (possibly a Volvo) in connection with this incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 23-CRIME.

What’s with the false reporting these days? The girl had enough injuries that police are still thinking something happened, they just don’t know what yet. Let’s hope this is resolved quickly and the girl is ok.

Update: GreenvilleOnline.com is reporting the girl has told police she recognized the man:

Deputy Matthew Armstrong said the girl has told deputies that she recognized the man who grabbed her wrist on East Belvue Road on Monday morning. They don’t have a suspect name, and no charges have been filed, he said.

The “exact nature” of the reported assault remains under investigation, Armstrong said.

The teen told deputies that she escaped by pulling away from the driver and running, a deputy said in an incident report. Deputies are continuing to look for an older “boxy” red car, which they believe could be a Volvo, Armstrong said.



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