Verizon Workers Sabotaging Cable Lines

Which in one case endangered the public by disrupting service to a police department. The Union is on strike and rather than simply protest they’re actually committing crimes that will hurt the customers. Fire them all:

Verizon Communications Inc. reported a dozen cases of sabotaged cable lines and warned of delays in repairs and customer service on the second day of a strike involving about 45,000 employees.

The telecommunications company said there have been 12 acts of sabotage to telephone lines and to Internet and television services in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York since the strike began.

Fiber-optic lines were intentionally cut in Tewksbury and several other municipalities on the East Coast, the company said.

Stolen equipment in Cedar Grove, N.J., affected service to a police department, and a heat system was tampered with at a central office in Manhattan.

“This could be a dangerous situation if people need to reach fire, police, or emergency responders and can’t use their phone,’’ said Phil Santoro, a spokesman for Verizon.

Verizon is offering a $50,000 reward “for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of individuals that intentionally damage Verizon cables or facilities or cause or attempt to cause physical injury to any Verizon employee or contractor.’’

What kind of animals put people in danger because they want a raise? The union claims they don’t know:

Myles Calvey, a business manager with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers who is representing New England workers in the negotiations, said the union has no knowledge of its members committing any acts of sabotage.

We don’t do that, and nobody in the union leadership supports any of that,’’ he said. The striking workers are members of the IBEW and the Communications Workers of America.

Verizon said the company met the demands of 75 percent of their customer repair orders on Sunday.

The company warned of longer hold times on their customer service lines and longer waits for repair service.




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  1. mah29001 on August 9th, 2011 6:11 pm

    Start charging the union with RICO charges.

  2. DodiaFae on August 12th, 2011 12:14 pm

    So glad we ditched Verizon when we did…

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