Vice Lord Kills White Nationalist in “Gay Panic” Murder?

Let me start by pointing out that there is no such thing as “gay panic” and anyone using that defense is just trying to put one over on you.

But the murder of White Nationalist Richard Barrett by Vice Lord Vincent McGee has some people nervous, some curious and a few amused. While I find gang violence leading to homicide unamusing no matter how degenerate the victim (and as we’ll see Barrett could only be described as a degenerate in the most literal sense) I do understand the lack of sympathy for Barrett decent people will feel. After all, he ran a (now defunct) White Supremacist organization which mysteriously has no media presence, Internet or otherwise, yet he was known to raise funds by staging publicity stunts. As a lawyer he represented many neo-Nazis and claimed to hold their cause as his own. His long history of being a Klansman caricature is detailed here.

His life was ended by a felon who was just out of prison, a member of the Vice Lords who in fact had contact with Barrett before and who had a history of violence. Some claim his motive was Barrett’s racist views, but here’s where the story breaks down. Barrett, known racist and separatist, was paying McGee for yard work. From the Clarion-Ledger:

While McGee is African American, authorities have not said Barrett’s racial beliefs were a motive in his slaying.

McGee had performed yard work for Barrett, Pennington said.

A person who was known to demand Black Americans “go back to Africa” was paying a man with gang tattoos on his face to mow his lawn? But the story gets odder:

Witnesses told investigators Barrett had gone to McGee’s home around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday to pay him for yard work.

Around 8 a.m. Thursday, one of Barrett’s neighbors called firefighters after smoke was spotted at Barrett’s home at 227 E. Petros Road east of the Monterey community near Pearl.

So, a White Supremacist who hates and fears Black people went over to a young Black felon’s house in the late evening to “pay him for yard work” and they both ended up back at his house? This is some piss poor bigotry. But the Clarion-Ledger unwittingly puts some of the pieces together for you:

But Barrett was more of a showman than a significant leader, said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project, which monitors hate groups as part of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

“He was a white supremacist gadfly who flitted from cause to cause. He never assembled a group that amounted to more than a few young men,” Potok said.

Very frequently in the ’80s he would invite young skinhead men to his home on weekends.

Mark Potak, who has a history of making up facts to “sex up” his S.P.L.C. reports (including this recent one on everyone to the right of Stalin being a terrorist or something) as a fund raising tool, goes on in that interview to claim Barrett had pull with the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan disagrees:

Told of Barrett’s death, Klan leader Jordan Gollub of Jackson said, “It’s tragic that something happened to him.

“We discussed historical and political issues together. But I can’t say I agreed with him much,” said Gollub, who heads the Royal Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

That “much” apparently being whether or not White Nationalism was just a money making scheme. Here’s a telling quote from The Daily Mail:

In 1994, he spearheaded an unsuccessful movement to get then-Gov. Kirk Fordice to pardon Byron de la Beckwith, who was convicted of murdering Mississippi NAACP leader Medgar Evers in 1963.

Evers’ brother, Charles Evers, said Thursday he has long thought that Barrett didn’t really believe the things he said, but used them to entice people to donate money to his cause.

‘I think it was just a way he had to live,’ Evers said. ‘He made a living talking all that racist talk.’

Surprise! Neo-Nazis are marks. Few “news organizations” have pointed out that if Barrett was some big wig bigot he may have been able to find a fellow White bigot to mow his lawn (or since he was apparently an avid bicyclist could have no doubt done it himself) but instead he wanted a violent felon with facial tattoos. Then he wanted to pay him on a slow, sultry evening.

Before you start with the “You’re a homophobe” stuff, everyone knows Rob Taylor is a friend to the LGBT community (and long time supporter of GOProud and The Pink Pistols) but like any good friend I sometimes have to point out that the mainstream gay culture fetishizes dangerous sexual liaisons which can lead to trouble. Such was the case in the George Weber murder, and such will be the case now.

The news is playing coy with this story but the subtext makes things apparent. I believe this was a hook up gone bad and Barrett was a racist who was driven by some odd conflict in his broken psyche to antagonize the objects of his lust. I further believe that despite McGee’s protests he was a hustler, or at least pretended to be one in some scam. It beggars belief that a White supremacist who truly loathed and feared Blacks hired a young thug with gang tattoos on his face to mow his lawn. Even McGee isn’t telling that story:

Official sources who asked not to be identified, tell WLBT, 22-year-old Vincent McGee, in his confession, alleged Barrett made sexual advances to him, apparently sending McGee into a rage, a rage that ended in murder.

We asked Sheriff Pennington about it. He had no comment other than to say the murder was not racially motivated. Rankin-Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest also would not discuss specifics of the case, but he did have this to say.

“I was surprised to hear about this and then as the case unfolded, there were other twists and turns that again were unforeseen in this case,” Guest said.

But it gets creepier:

McGee’s family members told WLBT, Thursday night, that McGee, when he was a teenager, before he went to prison, knew Barrett and had worked for him.

Hmmm. Look, as I said before “gay panic” is a load of BS used by people who want to explain their own perverted desire to beat up or kill gays that they have had some sort of sexual encounter with. One caveat may be that if a young guy is fresh out of prison he may be a little sensitive to gay advances. But this looks to me like a rough trick, and given the level of violence (Barrett was smashed in the head and stabbed 35 times in the neck) I’m going to put forward that his previous “relationship” with Barrett was not simply professional.

What demons drove Richard Barrett? Greed clearly. But maybe lust and depravity played into it too. Perhaps Barrett, whose separatism did not work its way into his personal life, was turned on by the homoerotic trappings of White Nationalism with its anger and militancy and the sado-masochistic undertones of racial supremacy. Or maybe he’s just a degenerate who conned suckers out of money to pay for the affection of young men. Neither of these things means he deserved a violent death, but they certainly contributed to the likelihood of him being victimized.

Three other people have been arrested in connection with this murder, all as accessories after the fact. make of that what you will. Since one is the father I put forward that guilt for not protecting his son in that past from something may have driven his involvement.

A few people have forwarded me this story concerned that this heralds some sort of Vice Lord vs neo-Nazi war. I wouldn’t worry. Though the Vice Lords are a “People’s Nation” affiliated gang which includes gangs that are known to be racist (like the Bloods), it also included White gangs like The Gaylords (now almost defunct) and multi-ethnic gangs like The Latin Kings so the Vice Lords (while extremely dangerous) are unlikely to participate in race based warfare and no large White Nationalist group has sufficient respect for Barrett to care.

On an ironic note, the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront has a thread where the scum there (who once celebrated a man who murdered his wife) actually claim they’re happy he died. That thread confirms that Barrett was known in the White Power community as a closeted homosexual.


4 Responses to “Vice Lord Kills White Nationalist in “Gay Panic” Murder?”

  1. Thomas Reiter on January 13th, 2011 5:44 am

    Richard Barrett was a Vietnam Veteran decorated with two purple hearts, a Supreme Court winning attorney, author, publisher, activist and friend. There is no evidence what so ever that Richard was gay unless you believe the black, murdering gang member let out of prison early who killed Richard. -And the only reason he is saying it of course is to skate on the hate crimes charge.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-White hate group whom Richard Barrett beat in court on multiple occasions and who seeks to slander him in death in a way they would never have gotten away with while Richard was alive. They’re always for the hate crimes charge unless it is a black person killing a white person such as this case.

    Marxist liberals have forced “homosexual rights” on the majority for 50 years always saying they can do anything anyone else does, but their greatest lie is saying that there are many in the white nationalist side who are gay. It really is a pipe dream of theirs after all. I mean they hate us in public but have always longed to lick our boots…

    The SPLC sides with black murderers; like the US Supreme Court, I side with Richard Barrett.

  2. Rob Taylor on January 13th, 2011 9:28 am

    So why was he employing this adult to “mow his lawn” so to speak?

  3. Thomas Reiter on February 5th, 2012 7:54 am

    To Rob Taylor:

    Barrett never employed McGee, this is totally false and there is no evidence of this.

  4. Rob Taylor on February 5th, 2012 1:53 pm

    So he was just banging him, got it.

    And no advertising for seditious, anti-American left wing organizations. The White Nationalist movement sided with Al-Qaeda, was asking for universal health care in the 90s and supports OWS. That’s aside from the asinine and unAmerican racism and the ignorance of people who don’t understand that the French, Irish and Germans are as genetically different from each other as “Whites” (which isn’t a race) and “Blacks”

    Like all Nazis Barrett was a dysfunctional pervert.

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