Victimless Crime File: 13-Year-Old on Life Support After Smoking K2

Hey, if drugs were legal everything would be better! But wait, K2 is legal and this kid’s not going to be OK. I’m sure the Ron Paul forums can pull together and fend off this cognitive dissidence before any young Libertarians realize that the original pro-legalization position was that drug addicts would die in the gutter by the thousands as Darwinism ensued. I know because i was a libertarian in the 80s and this is what we believed.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Brandon Rice is on life support after his parents said he smoked a dangerous synthetic drug that mimics marijuana.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports that “spice” or K-2 is blamed for at least a dozen deaths nationwide.

Rice has been on life support at Children’s Hospital since the middle of June. His parents said his lungs have been destroyed by the effects of the drug and that he needs a lung transplant.

Right now, he isn’t strong enough to make it through the surgery.

On YouTube, there are hundreds of videos of young men and women having so-called “bad trips.”

Rice’s parents found some of the drug in his room after he was hospitalized. They had no idea what “spice” was or that their 13-year-old had even used drugs.

As they fight for a transplant for their son, they hope he lives long enough to get one. Rice’s parents want other parents and other teenagers to know how dangerous a so-called legal drug that can be bought locally can be.

Rice’s situation is so serious his family considered taking him off the machines.

For now, they say they will wait and hope for a miracle.

Pray for this family. But don’t read the comments on the news story unless you want to see how depraved legalizers are. Instead of offering condolences they’re saying that he should have smoked the “real thing” then he’d be OK. That’s right, adults are claiming the 13-year-old would be better off smoking pot than say … not getting high at all.



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