Victimless Crime File: Another Drug User Bites Off Pieces of Man’s Face

Via KATC-TV comes the story of Carl Jacquneaux of Louisiana, violent ex and long time drug user. Not liing the fact that his ex moved on with her life and started dating a sober, responsible adult who doesn’t get high all day like a goddamn unsupervised teenager Carl decided to take matters into his own mouth:

The Smoking Gun has more info including the fact that the ex wife had a protective order on him. I’ve seen other news stories say Carl liked the meth as well as bath salts so who knows what he was on. Kind of weird though that we see a spate of drug users biting people isn’t it? Centuries from now archeologists will write papers describing how our zombie movies were written as metaphors for the violent behavior of junkies.

h/t The Blaze


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