Victimless Crime File: “Bad Marijuana” Leads to Mental Breakdown, Arson

As opposed to the “good” kind that “internet model” and pot activist Shelly Martinez insists is a kind of medicine. Chronic or heavy use of any marijuana (the “good” kind or not) leads users to suffer symptoms that mimic mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. Like any mind altering substance, too much of it leads cause people to break down and become divorced from reality.

Case in Point:

NORWALK — A city man who allegedly lit hats on fire to drive demons out of his friend’s home Monday was arrested and charged with reckless burning.

Jose Delcid, 48, was arrested after he was turned away from the Norwalk Hospital psychiatric unit because of a policy that prohibits admittance to anyone who starts a fire.

A doctor explained the unit could not admit Delcid even though it was a suitable place for the man to get treatment for his apparent psychological problems, according to a police report.

As a result, Delcid was arrested and charged with reckless burning and held in lieu of $5,000 bond.

At Delcid’s arraignment, state Superior Court Judge Bruce Hudock reduced his bond to $1,000 on the condition that Delcid get substance abuse and mental health therapy.

At the bond hearing, Delcid’s public defender, Matthew Popilowski, seemed perplexed as to how a doctor could say his client, who works full time, should be in the psychiatric ward at the hospital, but the next day the client instead is left standing in front of a criminal court judge.

That is a head scratcher. Maybe because Delcid isn’t really mentally ill, just a burnt out stoner:

Delcid told police that on a recent Saturday he smoked some bad marijuana and since that time has been having strange thoughts while seeing people’s eyes transforming and getting larger, the police report said.

Yeah. And surely he hasn’t gotten stoned between that Saturday and when he set the fires. Drugs have nothing to do with this at all.

As an aside I noticed something that irks me. If a 46-year-old woman dressed up like a teenager and went around crashing college parties we’d call her sad and pathetic. When a baby boomer starts a band in his garage and drives around in a red convertible we know he’s being immature. But when a man who’s damn near 50 is still sitting around smoking pot no one tells him to grow up and act his age. Why is that? Boomers acting douche and middle aged women whoring around don’t have anywhere near the social impact as drug users, so why are we more judgmental of them than stoners?


2 Responses to “Victimless Crime File: “Bad Marijuana” Leads to Mental Breakdown, Arson”

  1. Ajax the Great on December 2nd, 2010 8:07 pm

    How do you know he does not have a real mental illness? Or that the “bad marijuana” was not laced with something like PCP? Exactly, you don’t. Hopefully the man will get the help he needs for his condition.

    And by the way, EURAD (Europe Against Drugs) is really an unbiased source to cite. NOT.

  2. Ajax the Great on December 2nd, 2010 8:21 pm

    And what’s up with a psychiatric hospital not admitting someone who sets fires? Never heard of that before. I guess that would make their insurance go up or something.

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