Victimless Crime File: Danielle Staub Returns to Stripping

According to TMZ some “star” from one of Bravos bazillion “Real Housewives” shows has announced a 3-year contract with Scores to strip there exclusively. Danielle Staub, a successful reality star and author will return to the industry that spawned her even though she’s 48-years-old.

Do not misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with stripping and there’s nothing wrong with middle aged women stripping per se. Staub looks great for a woman whose led a hard life. It is her business and frankly strip clubs are no seedier than any other bar – less in some ways because the majority of women in a strip club aren’t looking to go home with someone else’s man. However, being from New Jersey I have met some strippers (or more accurately known women who tried out stripping) and most will tell you it’s hardly something you look forward to. It’s all about making money.

But shoudn’t a woman who is famous, has a book out and just left a very popular reality show have money? Or at the very least offers that don’t involve competing with women half her age for singles and the occasional lap dance? Shouldn’t she have a cushion of money so that she could at least take a year or two before stripping?

Not if she has a habit. Stripping is like a lot of bar and club jobs – it attracts people who want quick money fast and under the table. These people also want to remain close to a connection and in some cases simply can’t hold down regular work. In most cases that’s due to drug use. I am not claiming to know for sure if this Danielle Staub likes the coke, but I do know what a coked up 48-year-old looks like and it’s very similar to this:

Now I don’t watch any of the Real Housewife shows but I looked at a couple of clips of her online while watching this and I’ll say that she was probably the least loathsome one in that series, and she seemed (like many troubled people) genuinely lost and not simply malicious. I hope she gets help if she needs it, and I hope she makes a lot of money. But anyone who tells you this is fine, that a woman going from television star to stripper in a year is not in need of an intervention, is as coked up as I suspect Staub is.

Get some help Dani.


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