Victimless Crime File: Father and his “Medical” Marijuana User Friend Hotbox Toddler

In front of the cops by the way. But hey, legalized weed means toddlers would be safer with drug users, right?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man accused of endangering his child by allowing him to remain inside a car filled with marijuana smoke denied the allegations and said he never would have allowed his son to be put into a dangerous situation.

The Sacramento Police Department said officers pulled over a vehicle carrying two adults and a child in South Sacramento on Wednesday, finding a car that was allegedly so thick with smoke that officers couldn’t immediately see the two-year-old boy in the back seat.

The child’s father, J.C. Monroe, disputed the account in a jailhouse interview with CBS13 and vehemently denied that anyone had been “hotboxing” inside the vehicle.

“My son was in the car, there was some smoke, but it was not a hotbox,” Monroe said. His friend, who has a medical marijuana card, had just taken his first puff when officers pulled them over, he added.

Oh, so the care was only full of a small amount of smoke. That’s OK then. Hotboxing, the article goes on to explain, is when drug users smoke pot in a small enclosed space so the smoke lingers and they get extra high.But even if he wasn’t hotboxing (which is a lie) what kind of person thinks it’s acceptable to not only get high in front of his kids but drive around with them while impaired?

Answer: A pot smoker.

He’s out on a $82,000 bond and the child’s mother now has custody. Here’s video:


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