Victimless Crime File: Jessica Calloway Abuses Infant – Stoners Come to her Defense

Jessica Calloway was filmed unaware beating her 10-month-old baby for crying when Jessica was trying to find an outfit to wear for one of her drug fueled skank outings. The reason her roommate was surreptitiously filming her? Just prior to that she tried to calm the child by blowing pot smoke into the child’s mouth.

From The Daily Mail:

A mother was filmed apparently blowing marijuana smoke into her baby’s mouth to get her to stop crying.

Jessica Callaway, 21, has been charged with child abuse and is also accused of beating her 10-month-old daughter because she would not stop crying and threatening to kick her in the mouth.

Callaway told police she carried out the alleged abuse because she was having a ‘bad day’ and had trouble picking an outfit to wear for a night out.

Nice right. Here’s a video of the report:

But the real show is in the comments posted on the YouTube channel the video is posted on. Observe the rational discourse of pot smokers:

YouTube user TheFelixSlider’s made this observation:

That isn’t nearly as bad as they make it out to be. She clearly tapped the child with that slap… and blowing marijuana smoke into the baby’s mouth? Big fucking deal, she’s doing the baby a favor. Marijuana is good for you, and so is showing a slightly negative part of the world in the development stages of a baby. She wasn’t beating the kid, she was hardly tapping the damn thing. Stupid roommate.

Another user who set up an account just to make this comment vomited out this little gem:

more anti marijuana propaganda. this would have never made the news if pot was legal. fucking pathetic corrupt news.

If you go to the YouTube page now you’ll see multiple stoners claiming that babies getting high is no big deal, and in fact giving babies weed is good for them. But you know, pot smokers don’t behave irrationally just like any other addict.

So next time someone tells you pot smokers are harmless, point out this story and all the support Jessica Callaway gets from them.


3 Responses to “Victimless Crime File: Jessica Calloway Abuses Infant – Stoners Come to her Defense”

  1. DodiaFae on September 4th, 2011 9:26 am

    I hope those degenerates don’t have children. Gods… what is the world coming to?

  2. Loup on September 6th, 2011 1:04 pm

    I wish pot really did make these people steril…. quicker. who in there right mind defends these people? oh, wait, I answered my own question…

  3. amanda on February 28th, 2012 5:30 pm

    Are you f*cking kidding me?! Pot is good for babies? Please don’t EVER breed you dumbasses. And she didn’t just “tap” the baby lightly, she HIT her multiple times for crying! SHE’S 10 MONTHS OLD!! Babies at that age cry because they need something, that’s their only way of communicating, jessica is a sad excuse for a mother and it disgusts me that people are actually making excuses for her disgusting behavior. If she treated her daughter in this manner in front of her roommate how did she treat her when no one else was around? Oh I know, what a horrible person the roommate is for caring about a helpless infant! Give me a f*cking break you moron!

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