Victimless Crime File Link Round Up

My Victimless Crime File category, originally a series done on Red Alerts, has consistently proven to be the most popular subject I blog about. I have been inundated with tips to drug related crime stories and rather than do separate entries on these most recent crimes they’d fit together nicely into one round up post.

For tipsters the criteria for a VCF post is simple – a crime at least partially caused by drug use which still would have happened had the drug been legal, or in the case of alcohol or prescription drugs are legal now. On to the show:

Afghan policeman guns down five British soldiers in cannabis fueled rampage.

Middle aged stoner parents found sleeping while 19-month-old wanders streets with pot pipe and pack of cigarettes.

Meth head parents plead guilty to sting of charges after their baby found covered in chemical burns.

Drug addicts turn New York’s Union Square Park into nightmare of petty crime and sexual assaults.

Man high on “bath salts” tortures neighbor’s pet goat to death while dressed in bra and panties.

Man high on crack admits to stealing police car because he wanted to be on television.

7-year-old caught with 18 baggies of heroin in Pennsylvania school.

“Drug addled” Harlem man caught having sex with prostitute while grandmother’s corpse was shoved in closet next to bed.

What do all these crimes have in common? They would have happened whether or not drugs were legalized or decriminalized. The argument that legalization reduces crime ignores the fact that people high on drugs often commit more crimes than simply being high on drugs. If users didn’t commit crimes police would rarely come into contact with them.


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