Victimless Crime File: Seattle Shooting Caused by Medical Marijuana Deal Gone Bad

Who would think pot shops weren't nice places?

The theory thatĀ  if you give people access to legal marijuana they won’t commit crimes is silly. It’s like saying if people can buy beer they won’t commit crimes. People’s criminality is driven not by laws you pass but their innate immorality and legal or not the drug culture, like the club culture, encourages dangerous and often illegal behaviors separate from the intoxication. Intoxication may fuel the extremes of criminality however, as anyone who’s ever had to beat down a belligerent drunk can tell you.

Which brings me to Seattle where the medical marijuana program is little more than a scam where doctors take money from losers to give them license to exacerbate their personal problems by sitting around getting high all day and claiming to be disabled. Like any drug users and dealers the people involved in the scam are targets for robbery and theft because they have something thugs want (money and cash) and are easy targets due to slow reaction times and not being cleared headed. In this case a “dispenser” for medical marijuana agreed to meet a guy for a large purchaseĀ in a parking garage. Why? Because it’s easier to almost die in a rip off:

A nighttime shooting earlier this month in a Pioneer Square parking garage was the result of a marijuana deal gone bad after the victim tried to sell a pound and a half of the drug to an off-duty parking attendant, according to court documents.

The victim, who was shot in the chest, told police he was a medical marijuana distributor.

The suspected shooter, a 26-year-old South Seattle man, has not been charged, but is being held on $400,000 bail. Police believe he was one of several people who contributed money to buy the marijuana, but hijacked the March 13 transaction in a parking garage storage closet.


About 9 p.m., police say the 28-year-old victim set up a meeting with the off-duty parking attendant who worked in the lot at 721 First Avenue. The alleged plan was to sell the pound and a half of marijuana for $4,800.

Once inside the second-floor storage room in the northeast corner of the building, the shooting victim removed the drugs from a paper bag.

“The door to the room was suddenly opened and (the victim) was confronted by a black male in a black hooded sweatshirt,” Officer Frank Clark wrote in a probable cause statement. “The male was holding a semi-automatic handgun.”

The 28-year-old Shoreline man grabbed the gun and fought. It fired once, hitting him in the right side of his chest.

The victim “was able to run out into the garage and he jumped from the second floor to the street,” Clark wrote. “As the victim fled, the suspect continued to shoot at him.

“(The victim) fled to a nearby restaurant, but then decided to return outside where he got into a green colored cab. The cab took him to 1st and Yesler Street where he called police from his cellular phone.”

Medics arrived and rushed him to Harborview Medical Center.

Police found a spent .45 ACP case at the scene, proving that this guy was lucky and that .45s aren’t magical man stoppers. A man is in custody for the shooting.

But wait! How come in a place where people who “need” marijuana can legally get it there’s crime? The story here is that the shooter ran the oldest scam in the book. He collected nearly five grand from a bunch of stoners then went to the meet and planned on killing the dealer. Then he’d have the five grand and the pot. This is what legal pot dealers will deal with no matter what the law is. Strippers and liquor stores get targeted too. Crime doesn’t disappear when you eliminate laws.

As an aside, never meet anyone in a parking garage unless you want to be raped and/or murdered.


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  2. Ajax the Great on March 30th, 2011 11:53 am

    However, cannabis is not fully legalized anywhere in the country, unlike alcohol and tobacco. It is still federally illegal, and illegal in every state but Alaska for recreational use, thus a vast black market in all 50 states. Tell me, when was the last time you heard of a Budweiser deal gone bad?

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