Victimless Crime File: Shiftless Stoner Kills Mother

According to his brother 39-year-old Walker Manning Hughes had a “turbulent” relationship with his 64-year-old mother mainly because she disapproved of his drug use. So it comes as no surprise to me that, despite the myth of the mellow stoner, that when Karen Hughes was found dead in her home and her car missing that the main suspect was Walker. Walker was coincidentally found in the same area that Karen Hughes’ stolen car was found. He was also found a weapon which is a no no since he has an arrest record that stretches back to 1990 and includes:

Six counts burglary

Three counts grand larceny

One count of receiving stolen goods
18 counts forgery

One count possession of marijuana

One count of parole violation

One count of sale of a weapon

One count of fraudulent check

One count of breach of peace

I guess getting high really does mellow you out.

I will point out now that Karen Hughes didn’t die because weed was illegal, she didn’t rat out her son or get killed in a deal gone bad. She objected to her shiftless 39-year-old son spending what little money he had on getting high and that is no doubt why she got her head caved in. Let me use my psychic powers here and deduce that Walker, at 39, lived with his mother and had no job. His record shows that when he needed money instead of working he stole or conned himself some money then went back to mamas.

The drug culture is a by-product of Americans inflated sense of entitlement. Karen Hughes is dead because her 39-year-old son never wanted to grow up, take responsibility for his own life and stop getting high. Now he’s claiming he’s being framed – framed by the police for no real reason. Even when getting caught almost red handed he can’t man up and plead out.

I have a collection of death threats from the supposedly mellow pot smoking community and I’ll surprise you by saying it isn’t the pot that caused them. Getting high is a symptom of a larger problem. People think they’re entitled to live judgment free, consequence free and criticism free and worse they think those of us who do criticize them are doing something wrong. This is why a lovely older woman, who by all accounts was a good mother and neighbor, died at her own son’s hands. His sense of entitlement led him to live a life of criminality that allegedly ended in beating his own mother to death.

The argument for the legalization of any drugs must not rely on the myth that it “lowers crime’ because drug legality is literally irrelevant to crime. Drug users are drug users and there are reasons they’re getting high instead of growing up.


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