Victimless Crime File: Stoner Beats and Urinates on Woman in Rock Hill

I thought smoking pot made you mellow:

ROCK HILL  – Police in Rock Hill have arrested a 35-year-old man after police say he assaulted and urinated on the mother of his children inside her home.

Drugs were also found in plain view in the home and the man was also charged with drug possession.

Officers were called to a home on 900 block of Crawford Road around 2:58 a.m. Friday morning. When officers arrived at the home, they reportedly heard a male voice from inside the home and a man opened the door.

That’s when officers say they heard a 32-year-old woman yell “Help Me!” from inside the home. When officers went inside the home, the woman yelled “He pee’d on me!!” according to the police report.

Police said that her hair and face were wet and she had swelling under her right eye and on her forehead.

The woman said that the suspect punched and kicked her before urinating on her.

Police then spotted a “wadded up one dollar bill on the floor in plain view with marijuana in it.”

Five grams of marijuana were found and Sherif Sanders was charged with possession and criminal domestic violence. I’m sure getting high had nothing to do with this.


2 Responses to “Victimless Crime File: Stoner Beats and Urinates on Woman in Rock Hill”

  1. Loup Garou on June 28th, 2011 5:11 pm

    I’m sure this guy is just a violent stoner douche, but I kinda hope it comes out later that he caught her cheating or ho-ing for money and gave her a knuckle pie in the face an pee’d on her and called her a dirty whore…. Not that I condone that sort of thing….

  2. DodiaFae on June 30th, 2011 10:08 pm

    I hope not, Loup… this is a woman with children, and it’s bad enough that one of their parents is a complete douche. I’d much rather it come out that she told him he couldn’t see his kids until he got his shit straightened out and he got all pissy about it.

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