Victimless Crime File: This is How All Drug Users Live

Legalization proponents are condescending finger wagers who assume that they are doing something different than everyone else. Ignoring the fact that people have been getting high and writing about it since before Baudelaire’s Artificial Paradise came out in 1860, the fact is people have known about the costs of drug use since ancient times. A life long drinker, hash smoker and opium addict Baudelaire concluded in his “masterpiece” concerning hashish that where wine “exalts” the will hashish destroys the will of users, stealing their vitality and willpower and making them “idlers” which was his polite way of saying lazy, dirty drug whores and douchebags.

But legalizers insist on telling you drug crime would stop if they legalized drugs. Because addicts would stop stealing and people that were stoned would start making reasonable decisions I assume. Legalizers say these things because they think you’re stupid – I disagree with these things because I’ve known plenty of drug users. Many are exactly like the lovely couple pictured above. If only drugs were legal this would never have happened:

A Cobb County mother and her boyfriend are accused of locking a toddler in a bedroom by nailing the door shut, police said.

While the 3-year-old boy was locked in the room, he didn’t have access to food and was surrounded by filth, according to arrest warrants obtained by the AJC.

Officers who went to the child’s home on Monday had to kick down the bedroom door to reach the youngster, police said. The officers found that the boy was wearing a soiled diaper and had a severe rash.

That night, police arrested and charged Cindy Marie Cantu, 24, at Wellstone Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, where she had gone for treatment of injuries allegedly inflicted by Kyle Erwin Skinner, 23. Police arrested Skinner the following day at a Cherokee County residence.

Cantu and Skinner remained in Cobb County Jail on Friday night on bonds of $15,000 and $25,000, respectively, booking records indicate.

The man and woman, who have a Marietta address, face charges for cruelty to children and contributing to the delinquency of minors, warrants and jail records state.

So while skinner is busy beating his drug whore, I mean girlfriend, she’s locking her kid away in a makeshift dungeon and neglecting him to death. Oh, if only drugs were legal this wouldn’t have happened! But wait, there’s more:

“The condition of the home presented hazards such as insects, fecal matter, rotting food, soiled diapers, standing water in the shower, and general unclean conditions of the home,” warrants for the pair state.

In addition, Skinner faces battery and assault charges for allegedly pushing Cantu, who is pregnant, to the ground and hitting her several times, causing swelling and bruising, his arrest warrant states.

Skinner’s arrest was his third in the last month in Cobb County, according to jail records. He was cited Oct. 26 for driving with a suspended license, failure to maintain lane and for having Alprazolam pills in his vehicle, a previous arrest warrant states.

Wait a second. Alprazolam (Xanex) is legal. It’s almost as if it’s the drug use itself, and not the legal status of the drug, that causes most of the social ills associated with drug users. It’s like drug users are lazy, filthy and prone to erratic and sometimes violent behavior.

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