Victimless Crime File: Woman Pimps Out 8-Year-Old

Sue Ellen Mims, pictured above, is only 33. Since she looks to be about 60 we feel it’s safe to assume she is in fact a drug addict.

Like all addicts Mims will do anything to get her next fix, and since drugs ate her up already and she can no longer make money the way she used to (on her back or her knees) she did what any addict would do … found a younger girl to pimp out. A much younger girl:

The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of Sue Ellen Mims, 33 years of age. Mims is being charged with one count of Selling A Minor For Prostitution.

The arrest comes after Mims reportedly offered her eight-year-old daughter to a male she did not know. Mims was in the 2000 block of Harrison Avenue and reportedly offered her daughter to the male for one hundred dollars. Mims also reportedly said her daughter would do anything the male wanted and would not tell anyone about it.

The male reported the incident and stated he does not know the woman or her daughter. The Department of Children and Families was notified and are involved with this case. Mims was arrested on December 21, 2011 at approximately 10:10 A. M.

Right now the 8-year old girl is with family members. It’s in accordance to how the Department of Children and Families handle cases like these. DCF officials say this is an allegation that could possibly terminate all parental rights for the mother.

Panama City Police Sergeant Jeff Becker says he has never seen anything like this in the 12 years he’s worked in Panama City.

Here’s a little rotten reporting thrown in for you from the same article:

After looking into Mim’s past criminal record, we found she does not have any similar charges on file in Bay County.

OK. So that means she has similar charges in other counties? Or she has other charges in Bay County? Who knows? Hey, it’s not like reporters need to make stories clear.

But hey, if drugs were legal she’d just be able to collect welfare so she might not pimp out her daughter – as much.

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