Victimless Crime Files: 3-Year-Old Drowns While Mother Drinks

See stoners I go after the drunks too! Marian Brownfield Stringer was doing what ever mother who gets drinks in the middle of the afternoon does - neglecting her child. While drinking enough that responding officers could smell a “strong odor” of liquor coming off her Marian’s 3-year-old son ended up in her very large pool (video of the pool from the air is embedded in this WSPA report) and of course drowned. She has been charged with homicide by neglect.

Now, getting drunk is perfectly legal so let’s walk through my point about drug and alcohol use in general before people start complaining. It is the modification of behavior and perception that people who get drunk or high undergo that leads to most of these crimes not the legal status of the substance involved. People who say drug abuse is “victimless” are lying – there’s a victim dead right here.

What we need is better drug and alcohol education in this country and judging by the number of people who think they aren’t impaired while they’re drunk and high we just don’t have it. Surely that’s something all rational people can agree on?


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