Victimless Crime Files: Toddler Poisoned with Pot in Filthy Stoner Hovel

I found this case on Bad Breeders and it really encapsulates everything wrong with the stoner lifestyle. These are irresponsible, filthy over-grown children who care more about drugs than their own children. Even if the child hadn’t accidentally ingest weed which was laying around were the 3-year-old could easily get it the child was already set to be taken by the state because, like all stoners, the people in this case lived in a house unfit for human habitation.

From WLWT:

GOSHEN, Ohio — Three people were charged after police said a toddler ingested some marijuana at their Goshen home.

Officers said Joshua Smallwood and his parents, William and Kimberly Smallwood, brought the 2-year-old boy to Children’s Hospital because they said he was acting abnormally.

They said the boy kept falling asleep and could not stay awake.

The child tested positive for marijuana, doctors said, and a nurse called police.

Tests showed the boy had eaten the marijuana, doctors said.

Police said William Smallwood and his son admitted to occasionally smoking marijuana, but they said they did not smoke in the house.

Officer said they found a smallamount of marijuana at their Country Lake Apartments home, which police said was filthy and not fit for a child to live in.

William and Joshua Smallwood were charged with drug possession and child endangering, and Kimberly Smallwood was charged with child endangering.

The elder Smallwood was convicted last year of aggravated drug trafficking.

The boy was hospitalized for several days but recovered, and he’s staying with other relatives.

There’s a video at the link that shows how squalid and disgusting their house was. But hey, who wants to clean a house when you can sit around getting high all day, right stoners!

It’s no coincidence that when the schools stopped teaching the classics, including the Lotus Eater episode of The Odyssey, we formed our own little islands of Lotus Eaters in our country. As an aside, in the 5th century BC Herodotus wrote the very first Victimless Crime File in The Histories.


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  1. Rob Taylor on November 18th, 2011 12:10 pm

    The title is clearly supposed to be ironic and a dig at people who claim drug abuse is victimless. You’re banned.

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