Waffle House Shooting or Foiled Waffle House Robbery?

Article by Evan Will

This past Sunday, The Greenville Times Union headline read, “Man Fatally Shot a tWaffle House. ” When it really should have said “Waffle House Armed Robbery attempt halted by Armed Citizen.” Or something to that degree, wouldn’t you all agree? I mean if you’re a sensationalist newsman, doesn’t that sound infinitely more exciting than “Man Killed at Waffle House. Well, it’s just another prime example of the media sympathizing with a deceased thief rather than either (A.) Empathizing with the poor souls who were terrified and held hostage or (B). Highlighting the swift justice from armed citizens. Ok, now I know that last part is stretch. But why wouldn’t our community be thrilled to know someone decided to not be a victim. And maybe shed light more often to the crime element that “Don’t Start No Stuff, Won’t Be No Stuff.” Or as my Mom used to day “crime does not pay.”

If you don’t have your permit, go get it. I can assure you once you carry it around for a couple months there’s not a lot more comforting. And oh, remember something else you heard someone’s mom or dad say in the past – “nothing good ever happens after midnight.”


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