What’s in the Water in Newberry, South Carolina

First there was a vicious “hate crime” that just happened to involve two men who had been friends for years.

Then the New Black Panther Party hate cult showed up threatening to cause more racial strife.

And let’s not forget Jesus Lopez, the  “tattoo artist” who put two underage teens in the hospital with staph infections.

Now we have a 35-year-old David Jackson kidnapping his infant son after what police describe as a “vicious” assault on the child’s mother by him and his stable of street walkers, one of whom is only identified as a woman named “Bunny.” Luckily this story had a happy ending (no offense to Jackson’s three “traveling companions”) and little Drake Boyd is home safe and hopefully herpes free.

From Fox Carolina:

NEWBERRY, S.C. — The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said that Drake Boyd has been located and recovered safely. Greene County authorities said his father, David Jackson, is not in custody.


Deputies said that a trooper stopped to check on an abandoned vehicle found in the emergency lane of eastbound Interstate 26 near mile marker 74 just after 8 a.m. They said that when the trooper ran the vehicle’s license plate number, he discovered the car was stolen from Tennessee and contacted Newberry County deputies.

Investigators said that the vehicle found matched the description of a vehicle believed to be involved in the kidnapping of Drake Boyd from his mother’s home in Greene County, Tenn.

Deputies said that they launched a massive search of the area surrounding the car in an effort to find Drake and the suspect in the case, 35-year-old David Jackson.

Let’s hope they find Jackson soon, before he sics his pack of hookers on some other innocent person.

Judging from his mugshot on Fox Carolina I can tell you one thing that’s probably in the water in Newberry – marijuana.  Funny, you just don’t see people who have embraced sobriety bringing hookers across state lines to attack their baby momma.


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  1. Trench on July 13th, 2010 1:44 am

    When did sobriety become such an ugly word?

  2. Rob Taylor on July 13th, 2010 1:48 am

    When the baby boomers decided that if they got high everyone should. I blame them … for everything.

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