Where’s the Media Outrage? Racist Mob Beating Not Getting Much Coverage

On March 17th six Black men – Teryn Robinson, 18, Tray Holland, 19, Justin Alexander, 20, Derick Williams, 22, Kino Jones, 25, and Montrez Jones, 22 – brutally beat a White man in front of an Applebees in Seneca, SC. Even our politically correct local news are forced to admit that the beating was motivated purely by racial animosity. The evidence of this has to do with what the mob said to the victim prior to and during the attack.

I haven’t seen any rallies against this crime, have you? No statements from various groups and no in depth coverage. The news articles are perfunctory at best and designed to no incite people.

Much different than the Trayvon Martin case.

Make no mistake, the media is in collusion with radical groups in an attempt to do one thing and that is not get justice for Martin. The media is trying to start race riots by distorting the facts, creating emotionally charged reports and more shamefully naming witnesses so that they will be targeted by the mos they’re helping create. ABC News just named a 13-year-old boy who police questioned, endangering that boys life. That they have an agenda is clear and obvious.

Too many on the left long for the civil unrest we saw in the 60s and 70s but never lived through them. They have no idea how bad these riots they are creating will be. I urge everyone to try to calm their friends and neighbors and hope for the best. But prepare for the worst.


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