Whooping Cough Making a Comeback in South Carolina

Thanks anti-vaxxers! For the last decade a growing number of parents have bought into a lie made up by a man who not only was marketing his own alternative vaccine but had his medical license pulled when he was caught experimenting on children. That lie is that vaccines cause autism.

The lie has had devastating consequences as diseases once eradicated have resurfaced in America, killing children. While Whooping cough poses little threat to an adult, infants can easily die from the disease. Now it’s on the rise in South Carolina and in the coming years dozens if not hundreds of  babies will die at the hands of ignorant and uninformed parents:

The illness also known as pertussis is on the rise in South Carolina.

It seems no more perilous than a common cold at first, but whooping cough can be serious and sometimes even deadly.

In the first five months of this year, it struck twice the number of people as during the same period in the previous three years, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Childhood vaccinations are the best prevention. But state health officials also are urging the state Legislature to make a booster shot mandatory for seventh-graders by the 2011-12 school year.

DHEC this month issued an alert to physicians around the state to expect more cases of this highly contagious respiratory disease, often marked by a high-pitched “whoop” as children struggle to catch their breath.

“It looks like a cold for about a week; then the cough starts and is so severe that kids gag themselves and vomit, and they may turn red or blue in the face,” said Dr. Robin LaCroix, director of pediatric infectious disease at Greenville Hospital System’s Children’s Hospital.

“Most cases are in children younger than 6,” she said, “and in the state of South Carolina, we’ve had two deaths in the past five years.”

A century ago, there were about 160,000 cases of pertussis and 5,000 deaths nationwide annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That number dropped to about 1,000 cases in the 1970s after widespread vaccination began. But by 2008, more than 13,000 cases were recorded, including 18 deaths.


And there is some evidence that more people aren’t having their children vaccinated, or spacing the vaccinations out to avoid side effects, perceived or real, he said.

“Pertussis is not one of our most effective vaccines — its efficacy is around 70 percent — so even fully immunized children can still come down with pertussis,” he said. “And until you have had the three primary series, you’re not going to be as protected as you can be.”

Pertussis doesn’t strike any one group more than others, except for the unvaccinated, he said, noting that a recent measles outbreak was linked to children who hadn’t been vaccinated.

To be fair illegal immigration has also contributed to the rise of diseases common in the third world as we see exploding populations of people who have not gone through medical screenings, but the fact is the anti-vaccine movement is a growing fad that endangers the lives of children.

Don’t get me wrong, there are concerns with our vaccine happy medical establishment. The quickly rolled out swine flu immunizations proves that there isn’t enough research being done. But parents need to use common sense and stop getting their medical advice from celebrities and Wikipedia before their child spreads a deadly disease to other children.


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  1. DocJay(a medical doctor) on October 21st, 2010 11:41 am

    Blame the rise of pertussis on people that dont vaccinate there children? Lets blame the terrorist attacks on all muslims. How many college educated, upper middle class infants who were or were not vaccinated against pertussis have caught this disease? I have yet to find any cases. All the cases I have researched come from low class trailer park and project babies. It isnt very responsible to vaccinate all children because the children of illegal immigrants and the poor lower class are catching a disease. It seems like most healthy people dont ever come down with pertussis, whether they were or were not vaccinated, and if they do they dont die and they become stronger individuals for fighting through that disease. Also many people who are catching pertussis have been vaccinated against pertussis. Maybe instead of just blindly vaccinating everyone(also basic microbiology shows that vaccines only work on a virus, and there has never been a successful study showing that a vaccine can be created for a bacterial infection, accept by the company that markets the drug, show me I am wrong), we should educate people on how it spreads and how to increase our own bodies immune system. Also why vaccinate children under 6 months that are breast fed babies, anyone with a basic background in biology was taught that babies dont create any antibodies against any diseases until they are 6-8 months old and ready to take in solid food and not be breast fed. So lets find an instance of a only breast fed baby, that has never been vaccinated against anything, the mom has a healthy organic diet, eating local foods and meat, doesnt eat McDonalds 3 times a day, exercises regularly and has done the research on vaccines and the dangers and the history behind them showing that they do not work and are not safe, and let see how many of those babies or infants or children caught pertussis. In my practice, the parents of children who are not and will not be vaccinated have done 100x’s more reseach on the topic than parents of children who do vaccinate. Parents of children who are vaccinated primarily just ask me or another doctor in my practice and that is there research. Show me one parent who decided to vaccinate after doing SCIENTIFIC resarch. And the vaccine debate and autism is so 2000. You need to update your research. And lastly, anyone that reads a blog for anything more than a laugh is a moron, like reading the sunday morning comics for your financial advice or health advice or world news. And the state newspaper is not a scientific source. Also there have been more deaths from measles, chicken pox, and small pox in the last 5 years than pertussis, and all of those deaths were children who received all of there vaccines, not one case of a death from an unvaccinated child. My point is not that people shouldnt vaccinate, that there are 2 sides to every story, that people on both sides need to do research, that you can lump all children in one category and we really need to make vaccine recommendations for children based on each individual basis, and doctors should not be able to profit on them.

  2. Rob Taylor on October 21st, 2010 3:41 pm

    A) You’re not a doctor, just a douchey Liberal conspiracy theorist.

    B)If you were a doctor you’d be aware that Whooping cough vaccines are 70% effective AND even vaccinated adults catch the disease from vaccinated, etc. You would also see the data of infections rates and see the correlation.

    C)Only a moron claims organic diets stop disease. Until recently EVERYONE on earth had an organic diet – and died by the millions from disease.

    D)Go back to Care2 or Democratic Underground (which you surf while sitting in Coffee Underground all day – get a job!) if you don’t like the site.

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