“Why Do You Think They Call it Dick’s?”

A tipster told me that while they were shopping in the sporting goods section of the new Academy Sports on Woodruff Road in Greenville they heard one of the clerks say they had been having trouble with employees from Dick’s coming in around closing time and moving stock, messing up the shelves and generally making the Academy employees’ lives miserable. The clerk was overheard asking, “Why do you think they call it Dick’s?” to the customer he was serving.

Woodruff hosts three big box sporting goods stores in close proximity to each other. Academy Sports is the newest kid on the block but has a wider selection than the others, including a firearms section that’s second only to Luthis in selection. It is likely Academy will put one of its competitors out of business soon. It would be odd that those stores would send people to perform petty mischief on their behalf, but if Dick’s workers foresee themselves needing work maybe they’re just acting out.


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