Wife Beating Degenerate Will Folks Libels Nikki Haley

Word on the street is that he got the pay off from one of the major gubernatorial candidates but I’m firming that up. Of course what the national news tends to ignore (with the exception of this Politico piece) is that Will Folks isn’t a political blogger at all, but a paid hack who launches smear campaigns for money. Haley had this scum on the payroll in 2008 but dropped him, I assume because no person has the stomach to be around Folks for long.

In a replay of what happened after Mark Sanford dropped Folks when it came to light that Folks was a violent degenerate who liked to beat women in drug and alcohol fueled rages, Folks has started slinging mud at Nikki Haley like he’s the proverbial woman scorned. I wrote about Folks’ criminal history before in a post which included information on his role and motivation in keeping the Mark Sanford affair a big story. Here’s a quick summary for those who never heard of him before:

Who’s Will Folks, some of you might ask? Well he once worked for Sanford, starting out as a campaign worker and later went on to embarrass Sanford several times while working for him.

Sanford stood by this douche until Folks roughed up his fiancée, a woman named Ashley Joy Smith. Just a couple of months after that assault Folks found his ex at a bar called The Black Porch and flipped out on her so bad that an arrest warrant was issued for him. You can read an archived news article about those incidents here courtesy Brad Warthen’s Blog. Sanford dropped him like the sack of dung he was (Mark may be a cad, but he’s an old fashioned cad) and Folks has, according to the muscadine vine, held a grudge ever since. Apparently he seems to believe that people made too big a deal of his abuse and insanity.

Folks worked as Sanford’s trained attack dog until Sanford cut ties with him over Folks’ abusiveness. Then Folks spent the last few years lying in wait, pouncing on Sanford whenever possible. Now when Haley has decided not to use this political consultant, Folks, at the behest of a candidate who should be ashamed of himself and should expect similar treatment by Haley supporters in the future, rolls out a smear campaign that’s not just libelous but patently absurd.

Will Folks is claiming he had a sexual relationship with Nikki Haley.

Now I was going post pictures of both people to show how fanciful this charge is but this is too serious an issue to make jokes about. Suffice to say that I met Nikki Haley at a meet and greet and she is a very beautiful woman with class and charm. Will Folks is a bloated, overaged frat boy who “pops the collar” of his pink Polo shirts while trying to convince the 17-year-olds he trolls for in Hot Topic he’s “still cool.”  Will Folks is literally White trash, human refuse that congealed in the gutter of South Carolina politics and makes a living getting on the shoes of candidates then crying when he’s scraped off.

I’m thinking Nikki Haley could do better if she wanted to cheat.

Whether Folks was hired by another candidate or is just a spiteful douchebag is irrelevant. When it’s proven Folks is lying you’ll see that this, for all you people who don’t know what libel means and constantly threaten me with frivolous lawsuits, is literally actionable libel. Folks has disseminated a false allegation specifically designed to damage Haley. That, not name calling, is what slander and libel cases entail. Folks should be sued, and when he is he will lose badly.

Will Folks is defrauding the public with his lies and attacking a candidate that has stood up against the corruption of our state. Let’s hope Folks is held accountable for what he’s done.

Vote Haley!


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  2. Joe Friday on May 25th, 2010 1:59 am

    Will Folks not only pleaded guilty to criminal domestic violence, he’s known throughout the state to be a dishonest player who will do literally anything to get back in the good graces of SC politicos. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do this for money, but rather to secure a spot on the team of one of the other candidates.

    Just being a lowly blogger isn’t enough for someone like Folks. He has to try to sneak up and cut the throat of SC’s best shot at a good governor, all so he can advance himself in Columbia.

    Trash, indeed.

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