Woman Injured in Home Invasion Where Nothing Was Stolen

Uh-huh. A C&D happy local news operation who will remain both nameless and linkless is reporting that a Greer woman named Tisheena Maleka Dawkins was hospitalized in a late night home invasion. At around 12:30am Tisheena was expecting company at her 220 Biblebrook Drive apartment. When she answered a knock on the door it was not her expected visitor but a mysterious intruder who brutally assaulted her then ransacked her house. The victim reported nothing was stolen.

Tisheena was hospitalized briefly after the assault and is thankfully doing well. Police are trying to determine whether or not she knew the assailant, who coincidentally showed up to a young woman’s house after midnight when she was expecting someone else, assaulted her and robbed the place but stole nothing.


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