Woodruff Road Pawn and Gold Shop Robbed in Broad Daylight!

Who’d a thunk a pawn shop that buys and sells gold would be robbed during bad economic times? The real surprise here is that the robbery happened in broad daylight:

Deputies said they first received a call at 11:38 a.m. that a woman entered the Geico office at 1170 Woodruff Rd. saying a man had tried to rob her at gunpoint, but once deputies arrived they learned that a man had robbed the female clerk at the pawn shop next door to the office.

A male suspect entered the Imperial Gold Buyers store and demanded gold and money from the female clerk at gunpoint, deputies said. Once she gave him the items, he demanded she go to the bathroom in the back of the store and stay there, according to investigators.

The suspect went through all the cabinets and files while the woman hid in the back of the store then the suspect fled through the back door, deputies said. They said they believe there was a second suspect who acted as a “look-out.”

Both suspects were seen in the back of the business in and around a yellow truck which was the vehicle deputies said the armed robber fled in from location.

Deputies said no one was injured during the armed robbery and the suspects have yet to be positively identified or detained.

The first suspect who robbed the clerk was described as a black male about 6′ to 6’2″ tall, weighing between 170 and 190 pounds, wearing a red shirt with a black undershirt, dark shorts, black sneakers with a black backpack and sunglasses, deputies said. He also had a blue triangle tattoo on his left hand between his index finger and thumb.

The second suspect was described as a black male about 5’11″ to 6′ tall, between 150 and 170 pounds, and was wearing a dark T-shirt, dark shorts and dark sneakers, deputies said.

Investigators said the men were seen in a bright yellow, late 1990s model Nissan Frontier

The red shirt and triangle tattoo makes me think this was a Blood gang member.


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